updating my blog-life .. January 2022

Updating my blog life January 2022

Well, it has been a minute since I sat down to write purely whatever is on my mind.  I have been in Yuma Az for two months now and have only been in the pool once!  I used an exclamation mark because seriously, I am a water person BUT how is it I have neglected that area in my life here?  To be honest, I just think it’s too cold, but if I am really honest and my blog brings this out in me, maybe it’s my age?

This is new to me, our pool is heated and I only have a few steps from getting out of my terrycloth warm robe and getting into the water; ahhhh but then three times as many steps from the pool to the hot tub, damn.  First-world problems I know, but truth be told I had the same problem back home in Canada.  My condo has an indoor pool and I used it all the time until the pandemic hit and it was closed for a while.  Actually, I haven’t really made it back in there either.. whew, I have been holding that one in for a long time.   Maybe I felt holier than thou when I exercised most days?   I now feel ‘less than’ and why should my daily pool routine define me, but it did, and why?

Is it possible to let yourself down?   I kept up the lie about using the pool for my kids’ sake but I was only lying to myself, no one else cares.  Writing about it now is obviously because it does matter to me.. aha!  When we get older it is important to stay in shape (health-wise) and look after ourselves.  The saying “if I’d have known I would live this long I would’ve taken better care of myself” comes to mind.

So here I am sitting out here most mornings in my covered patio (read .. carport) in Yuma.  There’s a screened-in room on the other side but the sun shines on this side, plus my patio doors lead to my kitchen: easy access to my instant coffee fix.  Reading my newsfeed and watching the news keeps me up to date on the world’s news and this virus.  Keeping safe, I wear a mask while out shopping but not here in our senior gated community.  We play cards a lot and I’m a fan of this social interaction, being somewhat competitive challenges me.   Hosting a wiener roast last Friday was fun but Lordy Lordy, I had forgotten the work and stress involved in feeding people.   Having catered for thirty years, it brought home the fact that I needn’t do that ever again .. lol.

I am grateful for each day here, it’s like being set free from a self-imposed isolation that I was unaware I had imposed on myself back home.  A few of my friends also managed to get away this winter and I wonder if they have these feelings as well?

The reason for my being here was to sell my place and I did put up a for sale sign.  As the weeks progressed,  happiness and contentment washed over me, it’s obvious how much I love it here.  This is my home away from home and it is not just the weather, it is mostly about the friends I have made.  Some are like family, and it was becoming difficult to imagine never seeing them again.   The weather also helps but not using the pool is bugging me, but it shouldn’t.  I’m not here for the pool.. and that is why I write stuff down!

The pool doesn’t define me, I define myself, enough of procrastination, being happy and content with my life is much more important, don’t you think?  My son has made it possible for me to stay here and take down my for-sale sign.  I would have sold it otherwise and sometimes we just need to do what we need to do.  So it is I’m sitting here and pondering my life today.  It is quite amazing the way mine has taken such a curve.  I am aging and maybe the pool is just not important to me like it once was.

Paying attention to what makes me happy and not sweating the small stuff or beating myself up over inconsequential shit is probably the most important lesson for me going forward.  And there I have it, my reason for writing my blog today.  I hope sharing this will resonate with someone else too, and if not, I write for myself anyway.

Have a fantastic day.

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