This equality thing, men versus women.. is totally stupid.. read on

Give me a man any day, to help me unscrew a cap or pick up something heavy or even to just wash my dam car. Sure I can do all these things, well maybe not the heavy thing, I’m aging at an alarming rate after all. I don’t even want to take out my own garbage, I wait for the kids to visit and send it out with them.

Of course when it comes to brain power we are certainly all equal.. well I think most women are smarter, but what do I know. Some men know happy wife happy life.. so those ones are definitely up there with us. Let’s face it, some stuff is just made for men to do. If there is a dead animal or spider, anywhere near my personal space, I want a man to take care of it.

If it turns out to be a dead husband/boyfriend, that’s when you call a girlfriend and she shows up with the shovel. Shoveling shit and snow is also well suited for men.. lord knows some, more than others, are so full of it. Personally I don’t want to do everything a man can, I hate them peeing off the deck at the lake so I won’t do it.. ever.

PMS is real and I don’t think a man could cope with the painful cramps and the conflicting emotional turmoils that seemingly come from out of nowhere. On the other hand I wouldn’t want to shave my face everyday.. although as I age, hair seems to be sprouting alarmingly from some god awful places. I may have to rethink that one…

Since divorcing, which I don’t regret for one single moment, I have come to a few conclusions. Men are good for some things, and we do need them in our lives. If you are best friends with the man in your life, then consider yourself lucky. Precious few are truly happy, I think that’s not common and that’s too bad, we need to change this.

We send armies of men into war and I’m sure they don’t have a clue about the consequences they are getting themselves into. This changes them forever if they are in live combat, we may never fully understand the damage done to those souls that fight for our freedoms. Women (in very small numbers) are also sent away but I honestly don’t think we have the stomache for it.

As women, we fight our wars here at home, for equality and justice and always.. to keep our own bodies safe. If anything should be equal, it should be a mans fear that if he tries to physically hurt us, we will take care of him.. permanently! I can’t make a joke here or make light of it, it’s just a fact. Men are mostly stronger than us and they need to quit raping us.. period!

As women we can educate our sons, and we do our best. As a society we are brainwashing everyone that we are totally equal to men, when in fact we are not. Until genetics makes us as big and strong as males we will just have to cope with being the smarter homosapien. Maybe a magic gene to inject into men to make them aware of that.. like a yearly ‘flu shot’!

“Hey hon.. I’ve noticed you’ve been a real macho asshole lately, I think its time for your yearly flu shot.” Well ok then.. we’ll figure out a campaign to dupe them, or just slip it into their Viagra. We’re women, we’ll figure it out. Speaking of Viagra, well the obvious also comes up.. sorry, but some things are more pleasurable with a man.

When a man takes out my garbage, washes my car and looks after my tires and oil changes.. I am more than happy to change his oil. This is part of the give and take, you relieve my stress and I’ll relieve yours, well unless you are into same sex or sex toys, which can also be pleasurable, sorry/not sorry.

Don’t get me wrong, I like a man that is smart and education doesn’t necessarily make a smart man, but it helps. Please just do the stuff that I hate to do and I will do stuff that you hate to do. We can do this without drugs and alcohol I’m sure. Its a finely tuned dance of respect and friendship and dare I say love?

To all you men out there that read this and don’t get it.. it is probably time for your yearly ‘flu-shot’ .. just sayin..







Equality is such a farce.. why do we harp on it and get sucked into all the hype?