These struggles are real

The fodder for my blog has come from facebook, my social media fix this morning gave me the inspiration the write this. As women we always feel the need to improve our selves.. I was not any different than the forty to fifties something age group, that are doing the same as us back then. Self help books and listening to tapes and attending seminars, omg I did it all. I followed diet trends, was always looking to lose those extra pounds and although I never really got into jogging I did walk. I could walk the whole city of Saskatoon if I wanted to and I did!

Transcendental meditation.. my secret word was ‘sharing’ and sometimes I fell asleep during my ‘trances’ and yes I always felt much better after. Improving my mind and body and therefore becoming a ‘better’ person, mother, wife.. whatever. I was also an entrepreneur and business woman, four hair salons and a successful catering company.. some of my achievements, whatever I set out to do.. I did it! I worked best backed into a corner and having to figure out solutions.. life challenges were always on my doorstep. Always improving myself along the way.. ‘The Secret” yep.. no secret to me.

Do all women have to go through this I wonder? I see it happening all over again, or it never really stopped, women are pushing themselves to achieve it all! Looking back for me is not really beneficial.. I am a go forward kinda gal, what’s next? Give me a challenge, an idea, something I can sink my mind into and help find a solution. I would make a great consultant now, because there is nothing I haven’t tried or experienced. A bankruptcy did not kill me, it only slowed me down and made me humble, yep that will do it.

Womens struggles are real, just not the same as a mans I think. Our struggles encompass everyones happiness besides our own, and there-in is the reason why we can’t have it all. Stated simply is this.. we cannot make everyone happy.. that’s a fact, I didn’t make that up. What makes us think we can I wonder? We want it all and we also want it for our kids and our partners and, and.. like what’s with that? We give everyone else a break but never cut ourselves some slack.. crazy huh?

WHY do we need so many self help books, these are mostly for women you know, when was the last time you seen a man reading a self help book? Me neither.. they don’t need em I guess. They have us to tell them how to live their lives.. that was a joke btw.. or was it? Struggles are for me in my old age, very different than for those in their forties and fifties. The forty/fifty gals struggle getting up early to go out jogging in the morning while I struggle to bend over and get my shoes on (long handled shoe horns were made for us). My exercise is all my trips to the bathroom at night, some nights I get a really good workout, I don’t follow the not drinking after 2:00 pm rule.

I guess us old gals have struggles too but just not the same ones as the f/f gals. They want to look younger.. hells bells, look in the mirror.. you are younger! Not one of us older gals have looked back on our pictures and though geez.. I wish I had looked younger! We look back on those pictures and laugh.. we thought we were fat, omg how many of us wish we could have that body back? Ya.. me too, boy what I would do with it now.. and it wouldn’t be jogging.. lol. Just think of the fun I could have.. na, it would probably kill me, but I would die happy.. just sayin

The point im trying to make here this morning is that for all you gals out there, you forty/fifty somethings, go easy on yourselves. First off you are not responsible for everyones happiness.. only your own. Maybe you think you can have it all, but think about what you really want, ok? You are not needy in the self help and physical appearance department.. in fact I’m sure you could give advice to those twenty/thirty somethings , right, well am I? As women I think we already have an advantage in life.. we are NOT men.. now there is another can of worms and we don’t want to go there…

Your struggles may be real, but really.. just be a good person and try to live the best you can. Enjoy each day and choose to be happy. My life is much shorter now and if I had it to do over again, I wouldn’t waste my precious time on improving whatever it was I thought I needed. I would love more.. eat more (savoring what ever it was) and I would have gotten a divorce years sooner than I did.. surprise ending here .. I know..

#lmbl “living my best life”