the new normal?????

Sometimes I think “just beam me up Scotty” .. my job here is done!

Just when we thought it was safe to go back in the water the Covid delta variants are wreaking havoc with our vaccinated bodies. On my newsfeed this morning a brand new variant is popping up. I’m starting to think that nothing will ever be the same again. We may be looking at living in a new normal, it is a scaled-down version of our former free for all world. Partying and traveling may not enjoy the same level of prosperity as we are used to. How is this possible in our day and age of hi-tech everything and cures for whatever ails us all, I wonder?

Our borders are finally opening up just as the new variant is kicking the shit out of the un-vaccinated population in the country down south of us. Mexico is not immune either, the Puerto Vallarta hospitals are apparently full and overflowing. I plan on going to Arizona in September and see how my place is faring and maybe gathering up some personal belongings. Chances are I may even have to sell it. As I age money is tighter, especially being single, a couple has double incomes to draw from while I have only one.

Finding a soulmate may morph into finding a roommate or even a boarder. Ah well, at least I still have my health if not my wealth right? Money isn’t everything but it sure helps with the necessities like food and lodging.. lol. The winters are pretty cold in Canada, but I survived this past one and I’ll survive however more I get the privilege of living. It’s easier to function in above freezing temperatures sure, but we did develop the skills to also live in sub-freezing temps. Being Canadian we are a hardy lot, and if we aren’t at least we have free health care IF WE FREEZE SOMETHING IMPORTANT OR NOT.. LOL.

I love my country and of course, my family and I do have a couple of friends. We know how to entertain ourselves without going outside and when we do we dress for it. Skiing, ice skating, snowmobiling, and ice fishing are attractive to us.. well maybe not me anymore, but I sure did my share of it all. I have family on the west coast where the climate is a little less harsh and they may see more of me in the future (lucky them: ) Hugging my grandkids is sometimes the only human contact I have being single “ok nana.. that’s enough!” “oh sorry sweetie, I just love you sooo much” : )  They will appreciate it if I ever find a mate.

I’m teaching another how to play crib and it has become a recent pleasure, we graduated from rummy. I found it really hard not to cheat at rummy, not all nanas are nice .. lol. We have dice games and board games and there is no shortage of stuff to keep us amused. Even mother nature has kept us dancing all summer trying to stay away from the abundance of proliferating wasps. A new game has emerged on that front, find the wasps nests, suit up in armor and bag them come nightfall. We experienced the hottest summer on record this year and I almost felt like I was back in Arizona on a couple of those hot days.

I’m also writing a book to keep me busy but lordy, lordy I miss blogging. The book keeps dragging me into the past while my blogging keeps me abreast of what’s happening now. This Pandemic should be fading into our past but, son-of-gun it keeps rejuvenating itself, re-inventing new ways to discourage even the most hopeful. I am one of those that are most hopeful and even I am getting discouraged. Enough is enough but, apparently not. So it is that we need to start looking to a new normal and buying into a different kind of future.

I know we are up for the challenge because we are resilient and used to challenges. Not everything is bad and in fact, a lot of good is happening as well. We are spending more time with our loved ones .. that’s not to say we love them more, some we love less .. lol. Anything to do with camping and boating and outdoors has faced a boom time. A friend of mine sold his older pontoon boat sight unseen and then realized getting a newer one was almost impossible. Getting a space at campgrounds once they opened up is also a challenge. Exploring our own country is becoming the new thing to appreciate and why not?

We live in the second-largest country in the world and if we need to isolate then what better place to do it in? I rest my case and if covid is the new normal then may the force be with me and with you also.

(C) Aug. 8th 2021