the elephant in the room


Exactly one month ago I was celebrating in a delirious cloud of hopefulness. Seeing the light at the end of a very long tunnel, I was finally freeing myself from these invisible bonds holding me hostage. Alas, as I slowly but surely watched and read everything I could on this virus, my beautiful cloud of hopefulness is starting to dissipate into thin air. Why can’t I just be happy binge-watching stupid but entertaining shows on TV? Probably because I don’t have Netflix and even though having more than one channel is my guilty pleasure now, it is the news that draws me in, particularly the covid news. I previously used a tv antenna to get one free channel. Don’t judge me, it was high definition you know.

So it has come to pass that an elephant has decided to move in with me and he is sucking up everything good in my life. As he spreads himself out becoming comfortable in my space, I too am becoming accustomed to his omnipresent presence. Getting my first vaccination was thrilling and that was exactly one month ago. The plans I was making in my head and my feelings of euphoria were so delicious I was eating it all up. Then along came that fcking elephant! I made it a male because it has been males that have instigated and negatively impacted most of the bad things that have happened in my life.. and that’s a fact.

This virus is female I think, it keeps changing and influencing everything in its path. Of course, we know Mother Nature is female and maybe the two of them have a master plan for us mere mortals? I’m sure it was not their intention to kill us off but, all the warnings were being ignored and what’s a girl to do? Hurricanes and floods and fires, you name it and Mother Nature has thrown it in our path. We are living through climate changes that are unprecedented and now she has decided to get serious, enlisting the help of this virus. We continue to trash the earth and have no responsibility for preserving what is good for us, so now we must die.

It didn’t have to end like this but unfortunately, this may be our fate. Our generation, in my time, has taken everything for granted. We can fly anywhere in the world and do anything we want without any regard to how others survive. We are a privileged lot, I include myself in this. I have traveled the world and seen how other countries live. There was that one trip that had me slinking down in my seat as we went through the poorest of neighborhoods in Indonesia. We were on our way to a resort on the ocean where we had all the luxuries. We were the center of attention on this narrow dirt road winding through villages that didn’t even have running water.  God how I hated that, I vowed that I would never go to another desperately poor place unless I could help contribute something good to help make their life better.

And now the elephant has come home to roost right here in my space and he’s not budging anytime soon. Just when we thought it was safe to go back in the water or in our case the world, along comes these varients. My news junkie mind feeds on what’s happening with these varients from all over. I’m sorry to say this but, it will never be safe to go back into the water. This elephant in the room knows this but none of us wants to acknowledge his presence. We are entering a new era of life as we have never known. EVERYONE (except maybe me) thinks life will go back to normal eventually. I’m saying life will never be normal again for us and we need to come to terms with this.

I’m not a soothsayer (it’s ok, I had to look it up too, to make sure it was the right word) BUT.. I am going to give you my take on what is to come. My opinion only because I need to get his elephant out of my space. I will not be traveling anywhere that I can’t drive to. That’s just a fact for me, you can do whatever you want. I need my time I have left here on earth to be meaningful and stress-free. This may include vaccinations every three, six, or twelve months, that’s a fact I’m thinking. We will need booster shots and maybe even new vaccines, this virus isn’t going to die by itself and there are too many people willing to let it live. Masks are now a way of life for those of us wanting to live a full life. I was going to mention something about it being easier to rob a bank but this is really a serious blog. Maybe it will be easier to find a boyfriend wearing a mask.. ok, sorry.

My plans for winter (which I detest) to make it bearable, are to travel/drive south. This is dependent on our borders being open. I will take every precaution necessary to protect myself and others even if they don’t. I am responsible for my own safe well-being. I know how to isolate and be safe, this past year has taught me that. If I can drive south, at least I will be in the sun and not minus forty below.

It is cruel and unusual punishment to make old people live in snow-covered huts. I promise to be safe because my family would really miss me. So ok, my friend will for sure, besides, I have not finished corrupting my four-year-old granddaughter’s life. My older granddaughter still believes the boogeyman lives in basements everywhere and she’s twenty-three years old. We need to embrace this new world and scale down our expectations. We can be happy right here, well, that’s a lie, sorry but I have to get out of the cold if it’s possible, for me to be truly happy.. We can live our lives without a lot of what we thought was necessary only a short year ago. and we have a new appreciation for what’s important.

Air travel, ocean cruises, and big events including those big weddings are a part of our past and maybe for the long run it could happen. Start planting a garden because the food we eat will be the next big shortage, and expensive. Introduce yourself to the neighbor’s, whether you live in a house an apartment, or a condo. These people will be your new circle and your new community and together we can make a new world?