The day the dinosaurs died

Once upon a time humans roamed the earth in great numbers, much like the dinosaurs of millions of years past. They had no enemies, other than themselves. They liked killing each other, for land, spiritual beliefs and just to show others that they could. They invented and manufactured weapons so powerful  there was more than enough of the nuclear kind, to kill everyone on earth! It was the best of times and the worst of times.

They invented flying machines and ocean going vessels, masses of gasoline driven vehicles and even diesel trains. Humans could transport anything they desired or travel anywhere they wanted, as long as they had paper money, or plastic cards which they used to buy stuff. While some humans on earth went hungry, the majority had so much food, they regularly threw it away. Mostly it was lettuce and the human females liked to let it rot in the fridge first, then throw it away.

These humans were very talented and smart. They figured out how to send some of their own out into space in rocket ships, they wanted to explore the universe and other planets. Seems they could build anything and they did. Huge cities took form everywhere, built from metal, concrete, wood, glass and plastic.. if you could imagine it, they could build it. They developed high tech industries so they could see and communicate with anyone on earth no matter where they were. Well the exception to this was at the lake, where they had their second homes .. internet services were shitty at best.

As the humans were busy building and inventing and killing each other, they were also polluting the planet at an alarming rate. The fumes from the factories and the flying machines and all the other things that required fuel, spewed poisonous gases throughout the land. By-products from making nuclear power was even more dangerous and required extra care storing the wastes. Radiation from these secured dumps or plants could kill millions if it escaped unchecked.. but it was a risk they accepted. The harnessed radiation, could produce power for electricity. Radiation was also used in the medical community for treating cancers. Emerging world powers used it for making bombs that could annihilate their enemies. This was a good news, bad news kind of conundrum for humans.

The oceans were not immune from catastrophic oil spills and contaminates, they decimated the aquatic species and wrecked their habitats. Mercury poisoning in the fish species became acceptable at certain levels. Humans then found ways to raise farmed salmon and they proliferated in enclosed ponds, eating their own shit. They sold this farmed salmon throughout the lands. The humans ate it all up and some were full of it, especially politicians and they spewed it forth on everyone..

Plastics ended up polluting every space and corner of the earth, even miniscule particles in the air they breathed. Condoms were the best thing to happen for females, until the amazing science of pharmaceuticals, and the invention of the birth control pill. The science of playing with living cells and making mutations was also borne .. and no one could ever have foreseen what was to come of that. Along with mutating crops and flowers and trees came experimenting with drugs. Superbugs came about that were resistant to penicillin and antibiotics. Experimenting with living cells, genes and even embryos, nothing was off limits. Man was starting to play god, why is it everything bad seems to start with a man?

In this quest for material possessions of every kind imaginable, humans raped the earth for the pleasures they coveted. Pleasure was something most of the male species thought their due and they regularly took advantage of the female population for this. Karma has a way of paying it back.. even in this primitive world. As the males grew older they suffered ED (erectile dysfunction) and had to take many drugs, which also screwed with their minds and bodies. It was hard on them, not so for the females, they had toys to play with. Maybe the ending in this story could have had a different outcome if the male population would have just listened to the females and given them their due.

The humans knew no bounds when it came to exploring and ravishing every ounce it could extract from mother earth. The futility of humans sending their own into space in search of other worlds to live on, was not only preposterous but dangerous. If you can’t control your own destiny on this world and need weapons of mass destruction .. why go out and infect the galaxy? So there we have it, man was still not happy on a world that gave him everything, including women. (I just threw that in)

And so it came to pass that the Galactic powers that be, called together the universe and had a meeting. They decided to put and end to mans folly, putting a stop to all the suffering and insufferable antics carried out on earth. Their forays into space with all the junk they were putting up there, including nuclear weapons, could not be ignored any longer.

They devised a plan to get rid of the humans but keeping everything else intact. The decision was unanimous.. they would use the same virus that got rid of the dinosaurs (those beasts ate all the vegetation on earth, at an alarming rate.) When all this came to pass, it became known to man as the¬†‘covid 19 virus’, but it was actually known as the ‘Dinosaur virus’ by the Galactic community..

The End

Cherylle Winacott

copyright July 20 2020