live or let die … an opinion piece on covid 19

This plague has affected every single one of us.. a black mark on humanity, but think about this.. what if it is here to stay? What I find most interesting and troubling as well, is the controversy generated, surrounding this virus. The political fallout alone may be making more enemies than what the virus is taking out.

Who knew that a simple thing like a virus could bring a world to its knees? We are so used to getting vaccine’s and anti-biotics for every disease and infection known to man, that we must think we are invincible. Now here we are, blaming the Chinese, the republicans/democrats or even rednecks, those that refuse to wear masks and where does it end?. Oh. my. god. ! Is this how far we have come? We have evolved over all these years only to be sick with worry, not because we could die (and we will) but because we can’t open up our countries for business as usual, we may go broke…

Having lots of time on my hands has given me the luxury of just being still and letting things percolate in my mind. True I am an ‘older’ person and I get a check from the government to prove it. Its not enough money for me to live on, but that’s my problem not yours. I don’t want this virus to take me out before my time is up.. it’s that simple.
I’ve come to a realization about two things, well maybe more, but these two things for sure.

1) the young ones don’t get it.. they think that they are invincible, not all but most. This mindset of the younger generation is .. even if they do come down with it, its just the flu and they will be fine. Most don’t realize that this ‘flu’ could have lasting side effects or complications down the road.
2) those of us that get it.. know it can kill us or kill someone we love. So we are mindful and we practice keeping ourselves and others safe, as best we know how.

I want to add something else for all to consider, this particularly weighs on me, especially when the younger ones disrespect my cautious actions. This is not a game where we have choices on how to play. There are no choices actually, we have no input on the rules either.. other than “stay safe or die” maybe. Not everyone dies, but time could prove this wrong, a second wave or a mutation or .. or .. or.. well you get the picture.

I want you to think about this for a minute.. or longer. The covid 19 virus may only be a forerunner to a much more destructive virus, what say you now? Plagues came and went and decimated the populations on our planet in the dark ages, before medical break-throughs. What makes us think we are indestructible now?

What if this is a wake-up call for us to quit polluting our planet. We could also quit destroying each other with military weapons of mass destruction.. and biological warfare, really? Instead of us worrying about when we can go out to a movie or dinner, how about we start taking charge of how we are going to make it out of this alive? Yes.. I did say that.

I think its time we grow up, lets start making a plan to make our world safe again. First lets get through this without dying, I’ll let you think about that for a minute. Is it ok if your parents or your grandparents are killed by this virus? If your children were at risk, what would you do differently? ahhhhhh now I have your attention…

See.. all this petty bullshit stuff about not being able to do this or do that, wearing a mask or not. Being depressed because you can’t work at what you usually do, or wondering how long you have to hole up for. This is all relative to weather you live or you die.. when you’re dead you will not have to worry about any of this shit. I don’t want to be all doom and gloom but why don’t we start re-appraising our options right now.. today!

Everything is NOT going to come back to the way it was, I could be wrong but I don’t believe I am. Lets start re-evaluating our life and our lifestyles now. Be aware of everyone around you, practice safe sex.. ok so I had to add some humour, sorry/not sorry. Sure we are in for some tough times, the government isn’t going to help us forever. We need to start helping ourselves.

First off is to follow all the medical guidelines regarding this virus.. for everyones sake, not just our own. Then we need to find new ways to live and make a living, because a lot of us are going to be bankrupt, or out of a job. Pretend you are fighting for your life.. because you just may well be. We need to pull together and make sacrifices, hopefully because we want too. We all want a better life for ourselves and our children.

My vantage point is older and supposedly wiser, but even I didn’t see this coming. It’s not really hard to figure out that we should have known what could befall us. Mother nature will do what it has too, to preserve the balance of ecology in our world. I think most can agree with that. First we save ourselves, then we need to clean up our act.. immediately.

Clean air and clean water is achievable, we’ve seen that miracle in these last four months! Recycling should be mandatory and lets get rid of the needless plastics on our planet. These are achievable short term. A unilateral PEACE AGREEMENT on the worlds weapons of mass destruction, this should be a no-brainer and it may not be achievable.. doesn’t mean we can’t try though!

We can wish all we want but it won’t be business as usual anymore. Lets start looking at alternatives to where people are going to spend their precious hard earned money going forward. This will be what separates the smart from the not so smart. Think about it.. I’ll give you a minute. Here is something else that is really bothering me. Airlines are back in business at full capacity.. ok, so I don’t know about you, but I WILL NOT be flying on them. I might.. and this is just maybe, consider an airline with no middle seats and with top notch cleaning/disinfecting practices and mandatory masks. THEY for sure would get my money, even if it cost way more!

Restaurants, cafes and bistros will also need to show me these same practices to earn my business. Many will not, and they will not survive. I will pay more money to those that show this care to attention and detail. Catering businesses will need to adapt as well, I think we can kiss the big weddings good-bye. Brides will compromise by having smaller, more intimate settings and paying more for details, keeping their guests safety in mind.

We can actually create different jobs, and set up whole new industries, once we get a handle on how we are going to proceed. We need to look upon this as an opportunity and get excited about the possibilities of what we can create and build and do! I am an old person but my mind is still in its prime, I see endless possibilities everywhere. Venues need to revamp, food and entertainment are going to be hit the hardest but the possibilities of less people and more money is not unrealistic. Closed circuit or more open fresh air concerts or food delivered by drones (yes that is happening already, I know) .. I just can’t seem to turn it off.

The important thing I want to convey here is this.. we need to first, get out of this alive! Start thinking right now, what do you want to be when you grow up/or lose your current business or job? Viruses’ may be here to stay, lets work with them and around them and stay safe and healthy. Hey.. there may be opportunities in the virus hunting business, or you could start one.

Lastly.. we may think we are invincible, but we’re not. Should I get this virus I won’t fare well, a common cold now puts me down for weeks, the flu at least a month. I’m doing my best to stay safe and yes I do wear a mask and I hate it, but to not wear it is unthinkable.

We all have our comfort zones and our stress days and our hopes and our dreams, but most of all we still have our life. To those that have lost loved ones to this killer virus.. I am so sorry for your loss, I really am. Please be aware, practice safe distancing, wear a mask and stay safe.