sex and cake (2014 blog)

crazy cakeI would like to write about the dating part of my life as a senior.

This is a subject not openly discussed. I know my kids cover their ears and complain they’re bleeding anytime I mention anything personal about my single status. I am out in the real world, I am over sixty, but I am not dead! My kids are into their late thirties, it’s not like they don’t do it.

I guess maybe because I am their mom I am supposed to be celibate? Well.. this is a real-life blog and I gave up the vow of chastity at sixteen. I know, I was a late bloomer, a good catholic girl and all.

Unfortunately, some things are sensitive with your kids and I need to find a way to discuss this subject without making something on their faces bleed. From here on I will refer to dating and all that goes with it as cake. I will also assume we all like cake?

Some prefer to wait until they are married to eat cake… I wonder if that is still true? Some of us don’t like cake.. ok that has got to be a lie (it’s a lie.. right?) Maybe along the way the cake dried out and the icing got hard and it just didn’t stand up to expectations.. hmmm…

I know that some are picky and waiting for a perfect cake before they partake, and what is that about I wonder? There are also some that like to sneak cake and eat it by themselves.. haha. Ok, so what’s wrong with that? Personally, I like cake, I always have, and being single again has only heightened my taste buds.

One of my girlfriends told me years ago that she craved cake all the time when she got divorced and I thought, hmmm.. must be a hormonal imbalance. She was never arrested for sexual harassment, thank goodness.. but she came close once (so she said, loll.)

Another girlfriend once traded some cake for a load of lumber, which I thought was a great exchange, hah! (Same as trading it for money, I guess.) Some of my friends have given up cake forever and that is really sad, we all need something sweet in our lives.

Please don’t give it up, at least practice making it. Maybe you could up the cake-ante by whipping up a delicious frosting that will turn into an eating frenzy and, and.. ok, now where was I? A nice piece of cake following a wonderful meal is high on my list of life pleasures.

It is just so much better when you can have your cake and eat it too, don’t you think? (sorry/not sorry) There is no shortage of cakes to choose from, fancy ones, plain ones, coffee cake.. fruit cake (be careful that one has nuts.) Finding the perfect cake takes time and patience.

We all like cupcakes but they are just a distraction, and while they satisfy the momentary craving, you are left wanting more. Sometimes a pretty-looking cake will tempt you, but one bite and it falls apart and has no substance. The thing is, how do you know unless you try it?

Sampling a lot of cakes is unsatisfactory because some are not even worth the first bite. I like that my cake looks good enough to eat and lives up to expectations once I get into it. I want my cake to last forever, I’m sure we can all relate to that.. right?

My journey into cake-land has been consuming.. did you like that one? I have also had a sample of the near-perfect cake. It was so delicious it was almost spiritual. I contemplated the love that goes into making such an amazing slice of heaven. Therein lies the secret for the perfect cake.

It’s all about the recipe, the timing, the love, and the commitment that goes into making it. Look around you and check out your friends, colleagues, and family. The most contented and happiest ones, I think.. are eating lots of heavenly cake, or let’s say they are not suffering for lack of it..

How do you feel about cake as you grow older?

copyright 2014