retired but not expired….


Well I had time to reflect on my recent foray back into the world of catering. It was an intense experience (see magic show act one and two) although I was glad to help it was really too much hard work.. and I have ‘been there done that’. Those cooking shows on TV and the pampered chef ones… lol, are nothing compared to what caterers go through on any given event! images7U2QZUH2images (6)

Even restaurants don’t suffer the stresses that come with trying to feed a thousand people in a field on china  dishes. Caterers perform miracles on a daily basis and get little recognition. I’m not saying we do anything extraordinary.. well.. that is a lie, we perform miracles all the time!!canstock0022604

How else can you explain being able to feed an extra 8oo people over and above the 2700 already booked for and fed? This isn’t Jesus and the fishes here.. it is just what we deal with.. although maybe not so extreme.. all the time. Making the magic happen is part of our job.. we are the unsung hero’s at any event.. am I wrong?

Caterers know what I am talking about, lay people don’t understand. They see us as having a somewhat great life. We get invited to all the best events and get to meet all the best people. And.. and.. the food, we get to partake of such great food! Oh and don’t forget the money we make .. oh yes we are raking it in!imagesUID6SCGI

My favorite is when we do concessions and I overhear someone blatantly suggest out loud.. that we have a license to steal!! Concession work is not for the faint of heart it is either grueling or stupefying.. bar none. May as well toss a coin in the air, heads you make money.. tails you lose and in the end you pray to beak even! I hope for  every one of those cynical buggers  to open up their own little hamburger stand and “RAKE IT IN’! Yep..go for it…. and more power to you!imagesMVUMC8B8

Catering  a friends wedding is not any easier ..”oh stay and drink and dance and have fun” ummmm… well .. I know you are finished eating and we have cleaned up BUT they have no idea that we have another couple hours of unpacking and cleaning at the kitchen.. so we say “sure” but quietly sneak away. (It is just easier that way.)imagesRLGVTOME

Family weddings .. hmmm…. what can I say here without alienating all the relatives? First off, if you don’t hire us to do your wedding then we ‘WILL NOT’ be able to attend. To attend your wedding if we don’t cater it, will probably run us into the thousands of dollars of lost revenue from taking that ‘day off’.

On the other hand if you find someone cheaper then by all means go for it!!! (cheap beggars!) If we do cater your wedding , I should mention here that we have a ‘family rate’ (standard 10% off) and we treat all events equally. Having said that, we always go the extra mile for the family ones because we want to show all those ‘cheap beggars’ what they missed. ooops my outside voice… darn! And.. we appreciate it when family book us.images5G5GRYC0

Now where was I? oh right.. going back to work an event, omg.. I forgot how hard it was and stressful. Maybe it is just me, but I worry at every single event that we are going to run out of food. My son is so calm and cool (he owns the business now) I just want to poke him! And maybe that is why he owns it now, and I am retired.

This business is for the young and we all started out young but geeze ..don’t start this catering if you are old! Or.. if you think you are going to ‘rake it in’ think twice! Want to start up a little hamburger stand? Good luck on that as well.images (2)

I was having thoughts of doing appetizers or what-ever for a little extra income in my retirement, but that last gig did me in.. I am going to stick to blogging and my invention. feet are just today starting to feel normal again after walking on ‘stumps ‘ for the last few days…. just sayin… imagesQAF9OR7P