remember when.. Easter Sunday blog 2020

I remember when..

My life was whizzing by so fast, time was literally flying. So much to do and so many adventures I wanted to pursue. People to see and places to go, calls to make.. and yes never any time to clean out my closet.. hmmm. The stores were stocked with whatever I wanted to buy. Life was measured by weekdays and weekends.

My foray into the unknown yesterday was necessary. I needed sour cream and vinegar for a new recipe I wanted to try. Who runs out of plain white vinegar, well I did and so did the Co-op store. Sour crème was non-existent and only a couple of lonely containers of cottage cheese were on the shelves. I didn’t expect to find ordinary white flour, but there it was, all alone on the otherwise bare shelves, a big 20lb bag!

I was wearing my new mask and it was itchy and hot and also fogging up my glasses. How do health care workers wear these all day, flitted across my mind, as I once more touched my face to adjust the dam thing. I was wearing rubber gloves, picking up stuff to look it over, and dawdling in the aisles. People were staring at me and then I remembered, the freaking rules I was breaking. Don’t touch stuff and put it back, be aware other people want to come down this aisle as well. Shit, I forgot to look if there were arrows on the floor, was I also going the wrong way?

Now the sweat is starting to form under my mask as I adjust it yet again, with my rubber-gloved hands that have touched everything in the store. Get my stuff I need and get out, my brain is telling me, while I linger at the ice cream freezer aisle. Well, another three bars of chocolate-covered nondairy’ ice cream’ make their way into my cart.. not on my list, but I ate their three siblings last week. The trade-out here is that the bread aisle with all the bakery goodies is off-limits this trip. I am here to get ingredients for a new cheesy dill pickle bread I am trying out, I have some will-power.

Dairy is not my friend but this cheesy new recipe is calling my name and I decide I need to take one for the team. Sometimes we need to do, what we need to do. The cheesy dill pickle bread picture has made this foray into the virus-laden world a necessary dangerous journey. Grocery shopping has always been a leisurely two-hour adventure for me. The limitless possibilities of new products catch my attention and I need to read all the ingredients, then decide if it is worth trying. This all takes time and I always enjoy this part of grocery shopping. Yes, I also pick over the produce, damn I forgot again!

This new world we are living in is not easy for us old people. We don’t have jobs to go to, and some of us are single to boot. Being alone and isolated from friends and family is a challenge. The bigger challenge is baking and cooking up a storm, who is going to eat it? Well some of us don’t have a problem putting away the groceries.. these are trying times, after all. That cheesy dill pickle loaf will be mine alone to eat and I can’t wait to make it. The sour cream and the buttermilk that goes into this recipe will be a no-show.. but I don’t care, I scored that 20lb bag of white flour! I feel like I hit the jackpot, this feeling didn’t last long though upon hearing that I was ten minutes short of getting the last container of yeast .. shit!

I remember a time throwing yeast away, I kept it too long in a cupboard and it lost its potency. I am not going to make a sexual reference here, but I know you get it. I now keep yeast in the fridge or freezer. Unfortunately, this recipe calls for baking powder too, now why don’t I have any baking powder? Remember when we all used to make baking powder biscuits, well we older people do. Ah well, I guess I haven’t had a use for baking powder in a long time.

My little foray to get ingredients needed for this recipe has cost me 135.00 even though two ingredients are freaking missing from my list. I am hot and itchy and still bummed that I missed the last container of yeast, by 10 minutes. I’m thinking ahead to the buns I want to make. I reach into my purse with my gloved hands that have touched everything, to find my debit card. Touching my face once more to arrange my glasses on my nose, I punch in my pin number and leave.

I remember a time when the stores were stocked with whatever I wanted to buy back in the old days, three weeks ago. Thank god I brought back 32 rolls of toilet paper from down south, just saying.

I guess I also have all the time in the world now, to clean out my closet.

Happy Easter everyone I am grateful for everything in my life, I truly am :  )