Pinterest .. kill me now!

Hungarian high altitude flour

Dear friends I hope you make it to the end of this… I’m sharing a personal letter to a friend , we were discussing a flour I had found in Walmart, a Hungarian flour and progressed into keen wa..

Now this is interesting about quinoa (keen wa). I tried some awhile back..  found it already cooked and frozen, just put in the micro-wave. Everything is readily available nowadays.. even cooked hot dogs.. ewww!

The quinoa was really good and I came upon a picture and recipe on Pinterest (the social media site that Millinials are designing their lives on). This was for a salad that I actually had half the ingredients for, lets see.. feta cheese, honey and lemons, bacon and peas.

‘keen-wa’ salad

I go in search of the frozen cooked quinoa and after two stores decide to give up and buy the dry stuff and cook my own, novel idea huh? That was a week ago, but I was missing sliced almonds.. making quinoa was  soooo easy. A couple days ago, almonds bought, I decide to finally finish making this great looking salad.recipe quinoa salad

Are you still with me? I picked up a basil plant, with the quinoa and can still see myself chatting with the check-out gal about having a fresh plant that keeps producing as opposed to fresh cut, that dies after a week in the fridge and turns to green mush. They were out of fresh cilantro though, which I picked up at a later date. My basil plant is nowhere to be found .. how the heck do you misplace a basil plant

I want to state here that every time I am missing an ingredient for some stupid recipe on Pinterest.. it costs me forty dollars at Walmart!!! One trip cost me 140.00 because of a clearance rack of dresses, it was in my way going to the check-out stand.

I do have a whack of new Walmart rags to satisfy my other hunger though. Maybe I should take pictures of everything I buy when I am needing an ingredient for a pinterest recipe? That would make an interesting board don’t you think? (the Pinterest crowd knows what I am talking about)sald quinoa

Long story short (ya  right) I bought a new plant (24.00 this time) and have everything needed. I take out the quinoa and smell it.. hmmm.. seems ok. Now I need to find that recipe again, which board is it on or was it on some ones page and did I take a picture of it?

cauliflower crumblesThis freaking salad better be worth it! I went through all this crap when I made a cauliflower pizza crust (that I found on Pinterest.. I think) lord  kill me now..  that one almost did me in, it took me three tries!!! I finally broke down before third try and bought some corn meal for that one.. used a little flour first time around and that was a sticky mess.

Round two on that I used cut turkey bags (I cut open the roaster bags) one on top, the other on the bottom of crust and into the oven. That then went into the garbage, the crust stuck to the top and the bottom of the plastic! The upside was that it rolled out perfect and baked to a beautiful golden brown.

turkey bag disaster
turkey bag disaster

I thought the idea was brilliant, I was out of parchment paper. But you can’t eat plastic and no amount of careful scraping could save that baby. Now if you are still reading this you are probably wondering why I am putting myself through all this tortuous mess?

Well to tell you the truth I am wondering the same thing. I just thought I should start eating healthier. I have recently given up bread (not pancakes though.. which I now have a craving for!) I know..  stupid huh.. but truth is I am feeling holier than thou and I’m sure there is a spot reserved in heaven for the sacrifice I am making.

I’ll be with all the ‘gluten free’ souls .. but in the back row.. because of the pancakes. By the way I tried gluten free spaghetti at ‘Burgers and Beer’ last week and let me be the first to tell you.. the name of the eating establishment should tell you something.

huge cauliflower needed a picture here I found this beauty in a field here
huge cauliflower needed a picture here I found this beauty in a field here

If you are still with me, do you want to get dirty? Seems we are not eating enough dirt and therefore not getting enough healthy bacteria or organisms (DO NOT confuse that with orgasms ok?) We need to start eating ‘dirty vegetables’. Seems eating healthy is not enough, we need to quit sanitizing our lives and our food.

‘Gut health’ is the new buzz words and now we need to get down and dirty.. hey.. I can do that! Sooo.. I am eating unwashed raw carrots, well I do cheat a bit and wipe them off somewhat, but no peeling!

Aw hell.. the orgasm thing is still in my head.. a life with more of those would make everyone feel better and happier and it would be a lot less work.. don’t you think? btw the ‘keen wa’ salad did turn out to be delicious.