my Canada

My Canada is not perfect, but neither am I. Some of us are unhappy about some aspect of our governments policies, as I was unhappy, with the man I lived with for forty years. Fortunately we can vote every four years to make our wishes known.. I wish it could have been that easy in my marriage.

We do not have to keep everybody happy, striving for balance and hopefully keeping the majority satisfied is the goal. Maybe our own happiness in our own lives is kinda like running the country? We try our best to keep the peace, harmony is the objective and the well being of everyone living here is the goal..

Everyone has a job and we try not to discriminate, boys can do dishes too. When there is a crisis or someone gets sick, we circle our wagons, and figure out the best way to deal with it. Thank god we have universal health care though.. that would really suck to worry if we could afford a doctor or not.

This virus has taken a toll as well, but our presiding government has stepped up to the plate. They have made it bearable for many that would have otherwise been bereft, or in dire straits. We have weathered it much better than most countries, and for that we are thankful.

As Canadians we also had a real hand in how this played out. We paid attention and followed what was recommended to us, to quell this virus. We did it because.. we all have an interest in keeping our country safe, for all of us. We didn’t protest or even grumble much at the restrictions imposed on us. This was done for the greater good of us all, and we understand that.

Now comes the hard part, we will have to rethink our everyday strategies, to recuperate our businesses and getting back our jobs. Figuring out how to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe, as we go forward into an uncertain world of floating viruses. Who knew we would even have to deal with that? At least in a divorce you can make break and wipe the slate clean.. not so with this virus.

Here is the good part.. we live in a country that is one of the best places in the world to live. Do we have problems.. of course we do. Not everyone is happy with everything the government does or doesn’t do. Let us be clear on one point though. The way our country handled this virus, I think is second to none. We ALL also have access to medical care AT NO CHARGE, bar none.

The programs put in place to protect wages and businesses, the loans and the grants and all the money put up right away to ‘help’ us through this .. is remarkable! I for one applaud the way our country and the people in it.. that’s us.. handled this. Sure there are warts, and yes maybe some things could have been handled differently.. but on the whole I give us a passing grade with honours.

The lives we saved, with the protocols put in place to help us, were our own families and friends and neighbors. We did and are still doing a pretty damn good job.

To those that are going to grumble about the price we are going to pay for all this in the future.. I say it was worth whatever it is we need to ante up. Who of you wants to put a price on a life lost? Who of you wants to put a price on peace of mind? Actually .. who of you would have liked to run this country and think you could have done a better job? Of course we will pay for all of this, and we will keep on paying, and I don’t feel bad about this one little bit.

I live in the best country in the world and it is worth every damn cent for me to live here, and that’s a fact!