Just keep moving ..

Just keep moving..

“Stop thinking that the entire book has to be written before you start. Just start, every detail does not have to be defined. The business plan does not have to be completed. You just have to move, as you progress you will perfect your craft.”

This came across my Facebook feed, the author a young woman named Tracey Fowlkes is wise beyond her years.

Writing a book is a labour of love for me and it has been an intense journey. This particular morning I really needed to see those words she wrote. This resonated with me on all levels and inspired a joy that was sadly lacking in me lately.  We get so caught up creating and worrying and nit-picking everything and .. and.. sometimes we just need an inspirational something to refuel our engines. That little paragraph Tracey wrote did it for me.

My memoir is hanging in limbo while I have been concentrating on co-writing a cookbook with a good friend.  The cookbook is finally finished and at the printers but another one looms up in its wake.  The second cookbook is even more important to me than the first one.  We are dedicating it to the people of Ukraine and all our profits from that one will be earmarked to feed the people there. Defining the details has been my particular pia (pain in the ass) its the details I abhor. It’s like running a business and I have run FIVE businesses in my lifetime. I loved the business side but Lord I hated the paperwork! Fast forward and look at me now, writing on paper and loving it .. who knew?

When that post came across my feed it hit me in the gut, made me pay attention, and instantly lifted my spirit.  Sometimes we just need that little bit of encouragement to lighten up.  It certainly lightened me up.  I don’t have to have all my books in a row.  I just need to keep writing, as long as I stay on the path my journey will produce what I need.  Sure life gets a little tense sometimes but then something happens and it all falls into place. How many times has this happened to me I idly wonder, and I immediately know, a lot!  I put stuff out into the universe when I’m needing something, and answers materialize in the least expected ways.  Doesn’t work for finding a soulmate though, well I’m not dead yet so there’s that. Being grateful for what I have is important and a part of my psyche, and I give thanks every day.

I’m also not afraid to die but I sure hope all my paperwork is done if it does come to pass.  We all have an expiry date and I lost a dear friend just recently.  I try to live each day in the present and I need to quit thinking the entire book has to be written before I start.  I rewrite stuff and edit and add and subtract and hell, it is an ongoing daily thing with me.  Even when I’m finished, am I really?  Here is the honest answer, I will never be finished, and that’s a fact. See what happens when I sit down to write?

The details are in the journey and that’s what I love the most.  My journeys are never-ending and I’m ok with that.  Lord knows I love traveling.  My memoir will eventually get done and maybe, just maybe it is already finished?  Getting sidetracked writing a cookbook could be the universe telling me this.  This has occurred to me a couple of times, I’m not going to lie.  The first half of my life is written, it’s the second half that has been so difficult for me to go forward with. A good friend that passed away so suddenly recently was instrumental in guiding me to this conclusion, maybe this second part could be for another book?

I’m not finished living yet unless death intervenes and tells me otherwise.  This interlude with our series of cookbooks is exciting and I need to lighten up and enjoy the ride.  As long as I keep writing and breathing then life will happen and persevering is what it’s all about, right?  We need to hone our crafts, our hobbies, or whatever it is we do that brings joy and satisfaction into our lives.

We don’t have to write the whole book before we start.. we are a work in progress and today is a new day.

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copyright May 7th, 2022