Hi Ho .. Hi Ho, its off to work I go.. or not

What makes a good employee you may wonder? Well the only thing I can contribute is this.. its certainly not me! Why can’t I just do a half-assed job and get on with it? Well first off, punching a clock is not my forte’ but most employers insist on it. Maybe my being an entrepreneur and being the ‘boss’ of my own businesses most of my life, figures in here.

So here I sit (quit my job) in my sunny office/spare bedroom, window open to the gentle breeze and the smell of fresh cut grass, mmmm. Let me tell you this.. it is fuckking glorious! I used the F word there but I may go back and change it yet. My whole being feels so free and alive, how did I not miss this?

Truth be told.. I am now trying to figure out what I did in my first retirement, which ended almost a year ago. It’s like when you have kids.. you honestly forget what your life was like before them (other than getting all the sleep you wanted). So I’m sure this giddiness will dissipate eventually, but I’m hard-pressed to visualize it.

I still woke up early this morning and went to the pool to get my morning exercise, darn.. I could have slept in! Ah well.. tomorrow is another day. I made myself a great breakfast, all the while looking forward to sitting here and writing something.. anything, I have all dam glorious day to do this!

I hated this part when working, having a great idea for a blog then having to get dressed and go to work. My best writing and most enjoyable is always in the mornings. Having a real job put a serious dent in this part of my life. Who knows how many blog posts slipped away during this time?.

Want to know another great thing about being retired again.. you know that big breakfast I ate?.. well I am feeling a little groggy right now and maybe I should have a little nap.

So ok, that little nap parlayed into having lunch upon awakening. Taking care of a few emails and some text messaging to my favorite uncle about how to use his phone.. ya, I know.. the blind leading the blind! He gave up and so did I. All that texting musta made me hungry so I had some random snacks (the best kind, dontcha think?) and then another nap.

Day three of my new freedom, I know.. I skipped a day, yesterday actually got away on me, literally. I didn’t make the pool until 2:00 pm. Turns out my previous job replacement needed advice, and well.. there I was back in work mode, damn. Someone please take that job outta my head, it is interfering in my new retirement mode.

One new thing, I’ve squeezed in 20 minutes of sunshine each day relaxing on my patio. My small office at work had no sunlight. Getting home, fighting traffic, I was too tired to do anything but plop down on my lazyboy in front of the TV and promptly fall asleep. So I’ve made sunlight a 20 minute priority.. progress, baby steps.

Sleeping in til 7:30 am this morning, I am now watching the clock slowly turning past 8:30 and thinking hmmm, should I go for my swim now or later? In my work mode life, the pool was always first priority, as it should be now.. but.. A cup of coffee, my window cracked open, a gentle breeze riding the glorious rays of sunshine streaming into my office .. this is intoxicating.

The crisp freshness of our air and the greens in the trees and grass, you can actually smell it, I will never take this for granted! Such a contrast from my winter home in Arizona. The smells of winter I can do without though.. so I guess its a trade-off. I had supper with my kids yesterday and my granddaughter loved me to pieces.. I cut her bangs and painted her toenails, we had our bonding time.

So this new found freedom has me excited and eager for new adventures. I really was enjoying my foray back into the work world and the extra cash was nice too.. but.. but not at any cost. Being slowly sucked back into work mode was insidious and mentally exhausting as well, so my only advice.. is to be careful what you wish for.

Being an employee, after owning my own businesses all these years, was not a good idea at all. In hindsight I would still help my kids but working for someone else was a mistake. If I can’t have the freedom to do my job as I see fit, then its time to leave. I will never be an employee again.. ever!

“If your job is your passion, a time clock is not necessary because you will give it your all. Get paid for what you are worth or move on.. ”  CLMargerate

Having expressed all that, I now have to figure out some hours to work at the Friendship Inn.. I need to pay off my speeding ticket.. ah well shit happens, those picture takers are NOT getting my heard-earned money.. just sayin.. Hi Ho, Hi Ho .. its off to work I go…