got my shot for ‘trumpmeningitus’ (letter to the editor Star Phoenix) 3/3/21

How many of us turned a corner this past week-end, I wonder? Trumpmeningitus.. an infectious disease creeping into everyone’s lives for the last four years and making us miserable, is finally on the wane. We didn’t need a vaccination for this, just an evacuation, at the White House. Who knew it could be that simple? Well some are still infected but I predict that will all change soon.

I received my clean bill of health yesterday. I tuned into an American station on the weekend of CPAC, specifically to hear what the twice impeached, defeated president that made a country “hate again” had to say. I listened for exactly five minutes or less even. OMG.. the weight of lies and conspiracy and just pure outright anti-democratic behavior, quickly bore down on me. My stomach was in knots, so I turned it off! There came over me such a calm, peaceful feeling that I was stunned at the remarkable change.

I had forgotten how unsettling the American news made me. At one point I was addicted to it because it was so outrageous that it was hard to make sense of it. I own a place down there and have many friends there. It was a part of my life each winter. The realization that I am now immune to this insidious disease and need never watch anything Trumpy again, is freeing. All things are possible and if I feel this way then I predict others will follow and also see the light.