going outside with real people

How many have gained new insights into ourselves this past year? I gained a lot, some have been cerebral while the rest lays heavy upon my body. Food eaten out of boredom, trashy shows watched from the same mindset. Dare I say some of us are developing some real sloppy habits, besides sleep, sloth, and showing up for more of it.

It’s not easy doing nothing every day, trust me. I envy those with jobs, at least they get to go outside and be with real people. I am doubting if we will ever get to go outside and be with real people again. We can meet inside but only with our bubble or pod people. In the works coming to a TV near you soon, a new show called ‘The Bubble People’ who is in your bubble? or ‘Pods of a Feather’ stick together? Apparently, they’ve done a study on this, we actually don’t like shows dealing with this pandemic, we want escape TV, not entrapment. Ah well.. I’ll stick with Tom Selleck and Blue Bloods, he is still on my bucket list before I die.

How many have experienced the gamut of feelings from emotional lows to even lower, on this covid 19 highway to hell? The potholes of misery are hard for some to negotiate and it took me a while to extract myself from one of them. Those that suffer severe depression are the bravest soldiers in this war of solitary confinement. I salute you, keep the faith and I hope you find the help we are all deserving of.  We need to find and develop new ways to live.  I would even go to a bubble play center for old people if I could make new friends or meet up with my old ones.

It would be for those that are vaccinated and have negative covid tests, we could be socially distanced and play strip poker. Well maybe just poker, or maybe some fun drinking games with tequila shots or Baileys, everyone loves Baileys right? We could have a bus to deliver us home later. Hmmmmm there has to be some fun/light at the end of this tunnel don’t you think? I am speaking up for us older singles here. The married ones are at least getting some fun if you so choose. If you aren’t then bring out the cards lol.

Are you sick of hearing “when everything returns to normal,” yet? I am, what if this is the new normal? Personally, this is my normal right now, we have been almost a year into this unprecedented worldwide shutdown. We are learning new coping skills, some in relationships and a lot more in kitchens all over the world. We (not me) are learning to homeschool our kids along with learning these new cooking skills .. or not.

Some are embracing our new ‘closed in’ family dynamics, a few are creating diabolical new psychopaths. How to kill your spouse with an overdose of black licorice (google it). I tried it with eggs in an overly long, drawn-out marriage, it doesn’t work, it’s a waste of eggs, trust me. Everything has changed, but look at it this way, we are still here. Well, the virus is helping weed out the old folks, of which I am one. BUT I am still here, and if I go, well so be it. Please let it be in bed, a heart attack by orgasm with Tom Selleck! Lord take me now :  )

Ok, now where was I, hmmm. My kids have some land, and they’re thinking about getting some chickens, a cow, and a pig. They have already dirtied their hands with gardens and I am so proud of them. And not just because I will never go hungry, but hey it can’t hurt. I think we should all look for ways to start growing our own food. I can’t have a cow on my condo patio but maybe a chicken? I could say it is my comfort animal? Putting a leash on it, claiming it’s a new breed of dog? A feathered two-legged ‘cockapoo which brings up the shitty part, I worked for that (I’ll give you a minute) for too many years, cleaning it up, na. Scratch that idea.

We will, however, grow real food to eat from our terraces and patios. We will see creative veggie gardens and tubs of tomatoes, even little greenhouses that will defy our imagination of what is possible in such small spaces. Shopping for seeds and seedlings will outstrip shopping for such mundane things as earrings and purses. We will look for ways to teach our children the basics of life and living off of our balconies. This will include showing respect for mother nature. We screwed with her and that’s a fact. We need to learn some lessons from this. Climate change is real and it’s here to stay.

Vaccines are seen to be the answer and I will get one when my turn comes. I’m not going to be a Debbie downer, so glad I’m not a Debbie or a Karen for that matter. My view is we are developing our new normal and new strategies for living in a variant-virus-filled world. In fact, our work right now is figuring out these new ways. We are doing everything we can, trial and error. Number one is looking after mother earth and this has to be our priority. Learning to grow stuff, virtual cooking lessons (or old-fashioned cookbooks) self love is important too, we need to look after ourselves. It wouldn’t hurt to pick up a few books along the way, look for mine if I ever get it finished :  ) So much time or so little, it’s all a matter of perspective.

ya… it’s going to be tough but we are here for the long haul, well most of us. Now I wonder how I can get Toms’s phone number… hmmm.

the end


copyright March 2021


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