God .. can you hear me?

imagesK0F7PX5EForgive me for I know not what I do sometimes. I try to be a good person, I don’t knowingly hurt others.. do I? I sometimes snicker at what people wear and wish I could take a picture, to show my granddaughter. Does that make me a bad person? We used to love that show “What Not To Wear”.

Some people are just so negative and I get so impatient.. I want to ‘unfriend’ them but they are not on my Facebook page.. does that make me shallow? Others do terrible hurtful things to my friends and I want to hire a hit man to break their legs .. just a little? Does that count?images (12)

I have the mouth of a sailor when I’m upset at some injustice, somewhere .. the stuff that sails outta it.. even makes me cringe sometimes. Lord I try to keep a clean mouth.. its just.. well.. I run out of soap every once in awhile. Wiping the dirt from my life and my soul is not always easy either.

Are carnal thoughts and acts bad.. or is it ok for us singles, I wonder. If they had a colour I suppose it would be red and in that case I better get me some whitewash along with that soap.imagesM9LBZP33

Treating people with respect is so important and please help me with that because some really try my patience. Intolerance of people not the same colour and from other cultures, comes to mind. I have found we are more alike than different in my travels. Some species do leave the toilet seat up though.. and  that is intolerable!

images82D1ONKJLord help me be the perfect wife, mother and lover.. oh well.. one out of three is ok I guess. There is no such thing as perfection except for you lord. If I can’t be perfect I want it to be perfectly clear that I tried my best and trying counts.. right?

Another thing Lord, why do we need so much stuff .. can you please help me be less needy? Fact is lord, we are running out of space down here and if we can keep pictures in clouds why can’t we keep shoes and dresses up there? I will be able to fly anywhere and just download my clothes.. if it could only be that simple.images92JSXWG3

On second thought, maybe just make everyone fat and ugly.. wearing sweats and moo moos (remember those?). That should solve the clothes problem but then we may just want to kill someone if we see one more pair of sweats or another person wearing a moo moo. That’s a no-win one, I guess.

Well it’s time to get to the point, I try everyday to be a good person. Good is supposed to triumph evil but sometimes it doesn’t feel like it. Please help me understand and help me not hate and help me combat evil and hatefulness. Help me be strong for my kids so I can guide them in the direction of tolerance and understanding.

images (13)To be quite honest with you lord some loads are a little heavy and I do count on you to take them from me. I am not afraid to admit it .. just because I don’t go to a regulated church doesn’t make me a heathen does it? To each his own .. and I respect that.

God can you hear me? We seem to be sending a lot of loved ones your way, please take special care of them. We are really going to miss them here, but Lord, truth is they are better off with you. I know our hell is here on earth and we are seeing evidence of it every day..  they are safe with you.. and may you have mercy on our souls.