evil exists .. how do we combat this, what can we do?

imagesAAVA17OQI wrote this eight months ago but it applies to recent events in Paris as well.

I am horrified at the recent murder of two innocent people (make that three.. one was an unborn baby). They were friends of a friend of mine. I have been wanting to contact her with my sympathy, but what can I say to her?

It has been percolating inside of me and no matter how I try to make sense of it, nothing.. absolutely nothing.. comes to me. Evil does exist and we have plenty of proof just reading the papers and watching the news..  black man found hanging from a tree in Mississippi.. is this true? That was on my computer feed this morning.

I am still unhappy about all those school girls being kidnapped in Syria and I haven’t heard what has been done about it! I wonder how many of us feel this way, we can pray, yes, but how to comprehend such evil is beyond me.

Do we combat evil with evil.. do we kill or be killed.. do we hate and be hated? I am just an ordinary person, I raised my kids to care about others and to be fair and honest persons. How does stuff like this happen? Does this happen in the animal kingdom I wonder?

Well if I think about it too much it depresses me to no end.. the inability to do something is where the problem lies, I guess. This recent murder has me reconsidering a plan that was hatching in the back of my mind.

I want to travel back home by way of where some of my catering buddies live, that I have met, and have not had contact with in awhile. This will take me on a long road trip out of my way. I will be traveling by myself in unfamiliar territory no doubt.

So I’m thinking, hmmm, am I putting myself in unnecessary danger or risk? Should I be somewhat more cautious about traveling alone at my age? Ok .. so what age is appropriate to travel alone for a woman anyway?

I know most down here in the states have weapons, but that will never be me. I do however have carving knives for fruit and vegetables. I suppose that would be ok if a vegetable tried to attack me, but what is my recourse?

This morning all of a sudden everything came to a head. I was so overcome with a ‘now what’  attitude .. the evil was creeping into my life! Whenever I am overcome with indecision and fear I always say to myself what is the worse that could happen? Well.. I could die, and the thing is.. I am going to die anyway at some point, and so is everyone else.

 This evil act will not stop me from doing what I want to do.. it will not change my life. We need to carry on with our life and not let evil win. We will live our life and promote goodness in respect for those that have died at the hands of evil!

I will not live my life in fear ……. ever!

I wrote this 8 months ago in response to a senseless murder in the States. This also applies to the present acts of terrorism.. we cannot let them rule our lives or let them instill hate in our hearts. They want us to hate and kill and be just like them.

I am not like them and I thank god for that. It is much easier to hate, but at what cost? We still live in a free county and if we turn away others that need our help (my grandparents were immigrants) then we are no better than them. I still get angry and it is not easy, but I refuse to let hate rule me.






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