Eve & The Apple Phone

This is my story and little ‘rant’ about my apple Iphone

” And the lord said to Eve …if you eat that apple I will make sure you suffer for ever more !”

Eve was so sick and tired of men telling her what to do and what not to do and  she had no female friends to commiserate with. “Meat …meat…meat… what does a girl have to do to get some fruit around here?” You  just know this was a time bomb waiting to explode !

When she spit the seed from that apple onto the ground , up popped a tree that grew  into a big corporate conglomeration with an apple as it’s symbol. This company sucked in men and women from all over the world to partake of its fruit .

Once bitten into, you are committed to eating its fruit forever more. The pains suffered from trying to mix other fruits with this superior apple are legend and dare I say… soooo annoying!  The tentacles it sends out will bind you to it and will NEVER let you embrace any others.

The offspring (named apps) from this lowly little apple ‘turned conglomerate’  proliferated and this is where the story gets good.

God foresaw that Eve was an adventurous girl and wanted to experience it all ! She would want to feed on lots of different fruits so he embedded in his precious apple the ability to spurn all others wanting a taste and a piece of the action.

He wanted to keep Eve pure and sanctimonious …but Eve being a little on the slutty side did not discriminate, she loved all kinds of fruit and wanted it all !

So god said….. Dam you Eve …I will make sure your life is a living hell should you decide to keep eating other fruits after eating my apple…….. and the arrogance continues to this day!!

The apples from this store refuse to be mixed or blended and will leave a terrible taste in your gut when you cough up all the extra cash you are gonna need to keep eating these apples. And if you think  all the fruits of your labours will live together happily ever after ….well….you also probly believe in the tooth fairy !!!!

end of my story …nobody lived happily ever after  !

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