endings.. are only the beginnings of new journeys..

endings firstThe weather is surprisingly warm and will you look at the trees, they are in full fall foliage. The adventure into Asia and Australia is over and although it has been only a month it seems longer. Could it be jet lag or just anti-climatic.. somehow I am disappointed to be home. I feel like I am missing something?

Maybe it is the day we lost coming back and where the heck did it go? There is a whole continent living tomorrow already, how weird is that? The trip was all that I hoped for and by that I mean it satisfied my inner hunger to explore other countries.

Being geographically challenged it also puts these countries into a sorta map in my confused brain. I now know that Perth is nowhere near the Great Barrier Reef. When booking the trip, that was a bucket list thing .. snorkel the great barrier! Ah well .. a return visit to Sydney Australia will fix that.

images (2)I also didn’t know that Perth was on the Indian ocean (warmer water) and Sydney is on the Pacific. Twenty four million people inhabit Australia and it is a big spread-out country! The ship was full of Aussies taking their first trip to see Perth! Most were from Melbourne, some from Sydney.

View from our room(Scarborough) pool was on the 10th floor
View from our room(Scarborough) pool was on the 10th floor

Australia is a lot like Canada but without the Rockies. How many of us have been to the east coast in our own country? I didn’t do it until three years ago and then only to Newfoundland, and I did go cod fishing in a dory, and I will never forget that. Quebec remains a mystery and I may die before ever seeing it.. but somehow that doesn’t seem to bother me.(oops outside voice)

We have  traveled to many places and cruised with seveal cultures or should I say people from different countries? British, Irish as well as Americans, the Aussies and people from Wales and New Zealand, you get a feel for subtle differences.

The Aussies are one of my favorites, hands down! A friendly bunch, they share a self depreciating kind of humor, a lot like us. I could live in Australia, and in fact I may just do that.. swapping living accommodations would be the best way to spend a month or so snorkeling that reef!

Broome /camels and Kim
Broome /camels and Kim
endings 2

Kim and Glen Testa, what a fun, down to earth couple.. he was a surfer dude before he hung up his board. We did Bali and Broome with them. Then there was Gill and Pat Russell, our table mates through out the cruise, he was a British airlines pilot and I loved teasing him about his age “how does it feel to be older than dirt?”(he is not really old, only a couple years ahead of us)

Gill is Aussie and worked for Bill Gates before retiring, I wished now I would have explored that more with her, I’m sure it was a fascinating job. They kept us entertained and I must say their account of Botswana has made me put that country on my bucket list.. It has a huge game preserve in Africa and a colourful  story to go with it. I wrote about these two in an earlier blog (the besotted couple). I love them!

Lots of rain
Lots of rain

Hong Kong was also an attraction for me .. it is a possible lead for a plastic manufacturer, and I did get a hit there, time will tell. Another bonus was staying in the heart of that huge city and getting a taste of what living in a heavily populated area is like.

Across from our hotel
Across from our hotel

Hong Kong is one of the worlds most densely populated cities at 7.5 million people. We did not like the crowded streets and the masses of people everywhere, but then again we are old and I think everyone was at the same mall as us, at the same time.

breathtaking view of Hong Kong and harbor
breathtaking view of Hong Kong and harbor

Surprisingly though, it has a lot of tree lined hills too sloped to build on. A trek to the Peak overlooking the harbor and the city was breathtakingly beautiful even on a cloudy day, it really did take my breath away .. stunning views!!

eaton hotel
Eaton Hotel

Our hotel ‘Eaton Hotel’  was a five star situated across from a slum building. I should mention here we always felt safe. In HK the old and new are side by side and it is not pretty. In Perth the old and the new is blended in and great care is taken in the planning of this.

Hong Kong feels like the opposite and looks like it too.. don’t get me wrong I really enjoyed this place. My invention may require future visits here.. I sure hope so .

Our flight home had to come sooner or later and it was a twelve hour flight to Vancouver. We had an Air Canada plane that was only  a third full.. whoopee we had whole rows to ourselves!

the places

we’ve seen 

friends made

fills my soul

with a wanderlust

although not sated


for now…