Elections.. toilet paper and other important stuff

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Thanksgiving has me at the lake.. a morning sunrise that is so beautiful I reach for my camera to catch it forever. I’m glad I am up early.. well ok, sunrise is much later now, I put away my camera/iPhone to soak in these precious few moments..

This place give me so much comfort and calmness. Away from big city urgencies like buying groceries, paying bills, unpacking.. and why does it take me so long to unpack? My trip to Australia and Hong Kong is still in my suitcase.

at thelake a suniseJetlag is real, I’m finding out much to my chagrin. Awake at 3:00 am and unable to sleep, later on deciding to have a little nap that turns into a 2 or 3 hour sleep. Feeling hungry at odd times and eating so much I want to nap yet again, which turns into another sleep, it is a vicious circle.

Everyone is asking me  ‘when am I going south’ (I have a place in Yuma Arizona I bought last year). Well unpacking from my last trip will be first and I have no desire to rush off again. The first snowfall will fix that though, I’m sure.

images (12)More pressing matters is the looming election and where do I vote.. I received a card in the mail and put it in a safe place.. but where? Also, cleaning out my fridge was necessary as I was unable to recognize some of the green stuff growing in there. Grocery shopping is high on the list as it looks like we are down to one roll of toilet paper. (my granddaughter has moved in with me) images (11)

My granddaughter asks me how much it costs and I draw a blank hmmm…. “maybe 6 dollars” I say. She puts some  money on the kitchen counter and asks me to buy some when grocery shopping. I don’t tell her to put it away because she is a first time buyer. I figure when you buy your own toilet paper, then welcome to the real world .. you now recognize you have responsibilities.

One of life’s necessities is toilet paper and lord knows when you’re out of it.. that is when you realize what is important in life. Maybe I will take her shopping with me and we can pick it out together. Lord also knows I can never decide what is the best buy in that department.

images18V879Z0At my age you would think that I would have an insight into which toilet paper to buy.. and you would be wrong. The dilemma is always the same for me.. which rolls are the cheapest? This time I pick up a twelve double roll for 4.99 but further down (lower shelf ) I see the same brand.. 24 single rolls for even less!

Now this is where it gets really confusing, so I check the small print on the shelf hoping for some answers. One pops out.. 270 squares on one roll and a 150 on the other.. what does this mean? This confuses me even more because one is one ply, the other is two ply.

I decide to check down the whole isle.. I’m searching for inspiration here or even just a clue. Maybe if I ask someone that works here, which ones need refilling the most, it will help me decide . I’ll go with the flow because surely to goodness the masses will have it right?

There are no salesclerks wandering the isles helping old people decide on what toilet paper to buy. How can I expect to guide my granddaughter on this or even other important issues, when it confuses the hell out of me. By the way.. I have this dilemma every single time I buy this product.images (13)

If it is too thick I think it is wasteful.. I do care about the trees and the environment. Too thin and I’m sorry but using more is not the answer either. The one sure thing is, hmmm well.. the only sure thing is that I won’t be buying just two rolls or even just four. This is too painful to be doing this every week.

Am I the only one that has this problem every time I buy toilet paper, I wonder? In the end I pick up the two ply 12 rolls package in one hand and the 24 rolls single ply (same brand.. that’s important) in the other hand and try to determine which is heavier. Its not conclusive but the 12 rolls got my vote and my granddaughters money .. I even saved her a dollar.

imagesPCOGBM54Now I can turn my full attention to other important matters, like the election, and I see every party is giving away something. We’re not children at a candy store for gods sake.. be realistic and give us guidance on the really important issues!

Tell you what.. if you can truthfully tell me which toilet paper is my best buy for money spent, I will consider your candidate when I vote. Notice I said truthfully and I know your research won’t be easy, but running a country is a serious job.. and so is buying the right toilet paper, so give it some thought.. ok?untitled (2)