Emily and me

“You can’t go in there!” Emily shouted to my back as I sauntered into Terry Fators VIP party, the one ¬†introducing Winston the Turtle. “Just watch me..” I shouted back over my shoulder.. lol. She caught up to me inside the door and I whispered “just act like you belong here” as we made our way around linen set tables.. and waiters dressed in black, sporting white gloves. This was very posh posh and the hors d’oeuvres were to die for. Champagne was served in tall stemmed glasses and we did partake of a few.

This room in the Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas was dressed to kill, chandeliers and crystal everywhere. A red carpet and photographer was on hand to catch our special moments. As waiters served us champagne, we found a nice table to enjoy the view and partake of the wonderful appetizers being sent our way. We also helped our selves to a mini buffet of cavier and all sorts of goodies I can’t remember. We were in hog heaven.. and couldn’t believe our good fortune. Emily even ran into some people she knew.

All good things must come to an end though, and we had some time restraints. We were supposed to be at a Catersource get-together hosted by well known Las Vegas caterer, Britney Melnick at that very moment. So we made a quick exit.. well first we got our picture taken on the red carpet, with-out Terry, he hadn’t made it to his own party yet. Then we rushed to our rooms to change and go to the next party. We agreed to meet in the lobby and as I was on my way back down, a couple gals come out of the Terry Vator party with these cute little stuffed turtles. Omg.. “where did you get those” I asked, “they were giving them away in there” they said pointing back into the party. So in I go and explain I had just left 20 minutes ago and didn’t get my turtle .. to which they apologized profusely and handed me my very own ‘Winston the Turtle.’

I raced back up to my room and placed Winston in my bed and took a photo and sent it to Emily…with a “look who’s sleeping in my bed” caption, then raced back down to meet her in the lobby. We proceeded out into the most fun night ever. When girls get together magic happens, unlimited wine and drinking it out of baby bottles, didn’t slow our consumption any.. lol. The pole dancing on our way out, was not x-rated and we did not dance on the tables.. one of us wanted too but we have some class… hmmmm

I should mention here that we made some really dear friends that night. My daughter-in-law still keeps in touch with a caterer we met when we all shared a cab to this event. Emily and I also bonded with a few new friends we met at the party. Oh.. just a side note here, always take those extra courses, upgrading or educational seminars whenever they present themselves. Turns out a couple wanted to renew their vows that evening, and not only needed a bridal party but a justice of the peace. Emily just happens to possess those qualifications (extra-curricular training) so she volunteered to marry them! This would have been a huge pia, because of the paperwork at city hall next day. Anyway being the caterers that we all are, we then argue who is going to be the bridesmaid, best man and.. well, you get the picture. Couple decides against renewing and we all drink to that.. especially me, I was to be that person that shouts out ‘DON’T DO IT!’.. and I would mean it too..lol

Most people enter my life haphazardly, usually with humour. “How do you know all these people?” Meryl Snow asked me once. I was driving her back to her hotel along with Melissa, another caterer and speaker at Catersource. We were going to a well known popular Chefs restaurant that evening, along with some other friends. Well I didn’t know the Chef Rick Noonen personally, but LeAnne Notabartolo (Emilys friend) did and she made us a reservation and said “you have to eat there!” Seems I make friends where ever I go and meeting Emily was also one of those fluky experiences.

I was working behind the scenes at Catersource, this gal waltzes into our workroom/office/supply room and everything needed, to run a big show. She was going about making a backdrop of greenery for a class she was doing with Jack Milan. She had these big retro glasses on and was dressed in clothes from another era. Wrapping and taping turf to a cardboard box she looked over and asked me what it looked like. I thought it looked stupid, but didn’t really say anything, I just kinda shrugged. She then says out real loud “ahhh I see you are giving me the fish eye!” and we both started to laugh. There is a better cardboard box in a corner that I go and get for her to try, and we have been friends ever since.

the moral of this story is .. don’t ever box yourself in, stay open to what life sends your way.. if she happens to be wearing crazy retro glasses and seventies clothes, say hi from me and welcome Retro Rad Chef Emily Ellyn into your life.