Did we bury our guilt? Letter to the editor published June 30th Regina Leader Post

Did we bury our guilt?

To say I am not proud to be a Canadian right now is putting it mildly. How did these atrocities happen and why are we just hearing about it now? Was I sleeping through history class, was this something that was glossed over and given little purchase? This is so hard to take in, another 715 gravesites found in my own province of Saskatchewan. It makes me sick to my stomach that we actually had a government that thought this was a good idea. Taking children away from their parents and their homes and relocating them into concentration camps thinly disguised as residential schools.

Am I part of a white minority that thinks this needs to be addressed immediately and we need to do something? I sure hope not, every one of us in Canada needs to stand up and be counted. We may not have participated in what happened but we sure as hell can help make amends. I for one deeply regret what the government of the day did to indigenous Canadians. I’m also ashamed of my catholic heritage, religion should not play a part in our education systems, period! We all need to apologize and at the very least show compassion for what has taken place. Throwing money at this would be easy but that’s not what’s needed

We need to apologize and ask our indigenous population what we can all do as Canadians, to validate what happened and what do you need us to do now?