Buttercream icing and chocolate.. we nicknamed them ‘Team Oreo’

Life is actually a series of unfolding stories .. at least it is to me. Some I can predict while others I have no idea how it started and where it is going to take me? Emily Ellyn my new friend from last years Catersource conference .. has a lot to do with this years crop of stories that I seemed to find myself a part of.

So it is with Becky Wortman and Paul Joachim ..’team oreo’ (we decided they were like two peas in a pod and we nicknamed them.. much better name than ‘team pea-pods’ huh?) they were friends of Emily and they ended up being in my life now as well. How does this happen.. chance meetings.. fun times.. exchanges of knowledge needed or experiences shared?

I do believe people come into your life when you need them, I’m still not sure how I needed these two but .. who knows, maybe they needed me? Becky started out enlisted in the Navy, she did her time then went on to culinary school to become a pastry chef.

She is five foot nothing (ya.. me too), lives in a cabin in the woods of Washington surrounded by pine cones. Married with two little girls and pretty much a stay at home mom. (and struggling artist to get her business off the ground).

Early on..  crafting cakes became boring to her and when confronted with a challenge from her chef for a competition.. she eyed up this huge block of lard that happened to be in front of her and proceeded to sculpt a masterpiece that won the competition!

This woman I met was so full of energy and spirit and creativity.. my god you should see what she did (well you will, because I have a picture). Oh ya…she loves tequila shots ..oops my outside voice.

Picture 250 pound blocks of buttercream icing.. be still my racing heart (we LOVE buttercream icing in our kitchen). Then there is Paul.. hmmm who the heck is he I wonder, well he is helping Becky with sculpting this huge Romanesque statue out of the buttercream. He is a chocolate sculptor and has agreed to collaborate on this piece for Catersource 2015.

These two popped up and joined us at Gordon Ramseys pub and grill at Caesars. It’s funny how we as caterers feeding thousands of people every day never seem to be able to feed ourselves? So here we are at Ramseys waiting to be fed .. except we are soooo tired we don’t even know what we want to eat.10300077_10152859000523305_7760288098641541172_n (2)

I have to mention here that sometimes we just want comfort food! So it was that I ordered the ‘spotted dic’ and a side of Yukon gold mashed potatoes. (I can hear my friends laughing at the first pick.. well it has been a long time.. just sayin)

So ok.. spotted dic is a bread pudding.. my favorite dessert and the mashed potatoes .. well don’t we all just want mashed potatoes when we are tired and hungry? Well don’t we? So it was that we ate dessert first and mixed in mashed potatoes, lamb slider hamburgers and fish and chips .. we shared everything included specialty drinks!

The food was outstanding and we got to meet the celebrity bartenders! AND they plied us with their new recipe drink called a cucumber or a pickled punch or.. hmmm too many drinks I think, have muddled it for me. (I need to post those pictures).

Oh my, I forgot to mention Jack ‘Taco’ Taylor.. we are a threesome with Emily. He was the competitor with Emily on Cutthroat Kitchen (he had to work with a ice cream waffle thingy to make a taco shell out of it .. melting out the ice cream and deep frying the waffle shell… did not turn out well for him ). Jack taco is our nickname for him.. only because we have too many Jacks in our circle.

Emily and Jack teamed up to do a fantastic class together at this show! Did you see it? (well I have yet to write that story)

Ok now where was I .. oh yes Becky and Paul.. ‘team oreo’ they were in sync and produced the most amazing piece of art! Turns out that unbeknownst to me Paul is also a celebrity! He is The Chocolate Genius .. (so ok I still don’t know who he is but he has been a guest on numerous TV programs including GMO and The View or The Chew or whatever.. ).

Here is the good part of this story.. both of these aspiring artists did not know they had this talent within them. Becky has been at it a mere two years and Paul five! He was and is a computer geek. (with a love of art and an art history background) How do things like this happen?

They want to corroborate on a buttercream icing and chocolate sculpture intertwined together.. I would pay to eat .. I mean see.. that! I don’t think it has ever been done. Did you know that buttercream icing sculptures will last a whole year? Well did you? An edible lacquer spray fixes it in place.

‘Team Oreo’ and Jack ‘Taco’ Taylor are my new friends and I feel really lucky to be a little part of their lives as well. This is not the end of the story.. we will meet again and make new stories I know it!team oreo 2team oreo 3team oreo 1