Bidet virgin, time zone changes, may as well throw in breakfast.. tales from Portugal

Well losing my virginity at my age is possible, the bidet in my bathroom was calling my name (I have never used one so I’m a bidet virgin). I have tons of time to explore my surroundings and play with the furniture, so it seems. Am I behind time or ahead of time, lord knows I am directionally challenged but adding to this, is the time changes I have been experiencing.

Checking into this great hotel just gets better and better. Well I did miss out on supper.. turns out I was on Newfoundland time (don’t even ask, I was in Toronto though). It was after midnight when I ventured downstairs for something to eat. I had a great sleep in a bed that feels a bit like heaven, but without the drama of a needy man .. loll

I lingered over my shower but that was mostly spent trying to figure out how it works. First off I had to get out and put the rubber bath mat in (a sign was posted in the shower to do so.. hmmm, it was slippery). Some stuff you just do because its an age thing, and I want to keep aging right?

The bidet caught my eye as I got out and I had lots of time, so I figured .. let’s see how this sucker works! First turn on the water.. make sure to turn it to warm.. loll. I decided to go and look it over again before I write this up. I overlooked a major point here, seems you can sit on it two ways.. so I will need to do more research on this.. needless to say it was lovely on the butt part, sorry/not sorry :  )

So I got dressed and primped a bit for my excursion to find supper. Turns out it was after midnight, I was a little late to the table, so to speak. Back up in my room I look over room service and think everything looks good but a little pricey. So I fish out my squished banana and leftover potatoe chips..  along with a day old sausage and egg muffin from Tims, ya I know.. disgusting went through my mind too, as I chowed down.

Sure, food poisoning went through my mind.. but I was only feeding myself. Sausage meat is cured and the eggs are not real eggs are they? I’m fine this morning and I saved twenty or thirty Euros on room service. Now here comes the good part.. breakfast here is served from 7:00 am til 10:30!

I slept in because I’m still on some else’s time.. but in Portugal it is 8:30 am and at home it is 1:30 am. Down I go for breakfast hoping I am not too late. OMG .. what a treat was in store for me, the manager of the breakfast room was really handsome and the food looked not so bad either.

The breakfast includes pretty much anything you want, including watermelon juice, I opt for tomatoe juice and end up also drinking the watermelon, green melon and a banana smoothie. The fruit takes a hit as well, that bidet may get some real action tonight.. sorry/not sorry. The only thing I didn’t care for was the bacon I think they cut it out of a magazine, a hard cover one.

The pastries were the best I have eaten and I need to put some pictures here. This dang new phone again, I am still struggling with its peculiar ways. I stuff as much fruit into my purse as possible (and a hard boiled egg), I know.. but its those Euros, I just don’t have enough of them! I do however, use a small plate for the pastries I take back to my room.

Oh my.. the coffee, lord kill me now, it is divine! As are the custard tarts and the little orange ring cake thingys. I stay for two hours and pace myself and gaze at the help and take in the ambiance. I wonder if the head manager in this well run breakfast room is married, as he comes over to me once again, to see if I would like more coffee.. which I would.

So it is that breakfast is over and now I think I need a nap, all that food made up for the slim pickens of yesterday. AND the best part is that Joao (head desk office manager) included it in my room, so no outlay of Euros. Most of my peers on the CLJ start arriving today so I am going to stick around here, maybe take in the ambiance of the lobby once I have my morning nap.

I have been looking over our itinerary and there is no chance anyone is going to be hungry, bored or dry.. the wine tours! I will need all this sleep… just sayin..