baby bottles.. marriage and pole dancing.. only in Vegas!

images (37)How do you know someone .. like really know them, until you share a bottle with them? These just happen to be baby bottles and they were filled with wine! I know.. I thought it was pretty lame and stupid too, who really wants to drink out of a baby bottle, much less get caught on camera doing so?

Turns out I was the biggest baby of all.. and I sucked back my share and wailed for more …waw…! As we age we gradually revert back to childhood and then eventually we will DEPEND on loved ones to care for us. I had my daughter-in-law in tow and I was depending on her to get us safely back to our hotel.

We almost missed the event entirely, a night out with thirty other caterers, booked ages ago by a fellow caterer from Las Vegas. Pigalle, just off the end of the old strip.. is a fondue place with art deco ambiance, wine served in baby bottles and it has a pole close to the entrance.images (38)

We were running very late because some of us were imbibing on the free wine and appetizers at the meet and greet conference we attended, after the end of the first full day. My friend Emily was not signed up to go to this but I dragged her along anyway.. remember that Emily? I had forgotten you didn’t want to go?

The ambiance was so cool and being with like minded people and meeting new friends made it downright cozy. The wine served up a ‘la baby bottles’ was free and never-ending.. and was conducive to this bottle-fed atmosphere.

I didn’t get to meet up with everyone at Pigalle because, we were late and I would need to actually get up and walk around and introduce myself. Did I mention I had already walked a hundred miles that day, and meeted and greeted at least a thousand conference goers (out of five thousand). Well it seemed that way to my feet.untitled (23)

My job, along with twenty others at this conference, was to make everyone feel welcome and aware of all the classes available. We could help them navigate and determine which would best suit what they were looking for (95 classes in the hotel with another 40 on the tradeshow floor, at the Las Vegas convention center).

We were handpicked and we were eager and willing to share whatever knowledge and love of this educational experience that had shaped our own businesses (back home) through-out the years.

So here we are .. at Pigalle, the end of an exciting day, tired and hungry (well turns out some of us were very thirsty too) and we are settled into our seats and handed a baby bottle of white wine. It turns out I am a natural born sucker.. who knew? Don’t take this the wrong way.. there were others that sucked more than me.. hmmm.. wasn’t I sitting beside one of them?untitled (21)

The evening progressed and the table talk was animated and exciting.. someone was thinking of renewing their vows tonight. Faberge (fellow caterer whom we came to adore) is testing the waters for this marriage to happen, with all of us attending?

Now tell me.. how many of you have gone out to dinner with friends and then get invited to a wedding that will take place right after the meal? I thought so.. not many. Jessica piped up she wanted to be a bridesmaid. I wanted to be that person that when the minister says “does anyone here have objections to this?” I cry out loud and clear “DON’T DO IT!” … NOOOOOOOO

untitled (22)My friend Emily says she will perform the ceremony if they want her too.. WHAT DID I JUST HEAR.. ? What ensued was a lively conversation on weather she could really perform a marriage .. turns out SHE CAN! My friend Emily is full of surprising facts I don’t yet know about her.

Fact is she can out-drink all of us, well ok .. so maybe that was me. Anyway, in the end the couple decided against it. Jessica was crushed , she really wanted to be a bridesmaid. Emily breathed a sigh of relief.. she didn’t have to fill out a ton of paperwork the next day at the courthouse (but she would have).

I was also disappointed, but that didn’t last long.. as I spied the pole on the way out! My contract with the conference outlined proper behavior and specifically, no dancing on the tables.. but didn’t specifically say no pole dancing.

images (40)Well..  when confronted with a pole I was not that athlete in school that participated in that sport. However there is a certain person (who shall remain anonymous) that has an alter ego with a stripper name of ‘Gladys Cherry-blossom’ that knew how to work that pole.. just sayin…pole dancing

Thank you to Faberge, poor guy, we kept changing his name (Fausto) and Joe, and you too Jessica, for looking after us bottle fed babies… getting us back safely to the bar in our own hotel… gotta love it!

antique red phone booth back at host hotel .. we are calling Jack to come and Join us, that is Joe.





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  1. Gladys Cherry-blossom,

    Loved reading about another round of uncensored shenanigans!
    Looking forward to New Orleans ,

    The Reverend

    1. thank you so much for your blessing reverend .. maybe we will find someone in New Orleans that will marry Gladys?

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