re-inventing ourselves

re-inventing ourselves

How old do I have to be to start coasting through my life I wonder?  My brain is in constant motion with what can only be described as what direction should I take today?  Work on my memoir book.. well ok, so that has been on the back burner since I got here.  This is weighing heavy on my soul, mainly because it is a part of me, having poured half of myself into it already.  Oy, as my baba would say, and now I start thinking about Ukraine.  We are so lucky to be living here and that weighs on me as well.

So this is a question I want to explore here. When do I retire from all this stuff that takes up so much space and time in my head?  I can’t solve the problems of the world, but damn, that doesn’t stop me from thinking about it.  Are my kids missing me?  Should I go to Salt Lake City this week and get in a few days with Chef Nettie so we can get further along on our cookbook?  She is off to cook at the Masters in Augusta Georgia for ten days. I googled it and it’s a 30-hour drive, so that’s out, but I could sneak in a few days in Utah this week before she goes, that’s only a 10-hour drive.

I want to get our cookbook set up into the vision we have for it before going back home to Canada. Dare I say I would like to have a book in hand?  Nothing is impossible. I actually stumbled across a program on my computer yesterday that could help with this.  It required me to visit with a girlfriend to iron out some computer smarts I was lacking, but nothing is impossible. Re-inventing myself is part of my DNA I think.  Maybe it is the focussing part that needs work?

I am co-hosting an event here at our retirement community this afternoon, it’s a strawberry shortcake social.  While in bed this morning I realized we may have to change up the tables… sheesh!  We have a couple of residents living here that have volunteered to share their life stories (well, short version). They may not have really volunteered, ok so I cajoled them into it.  I want those living here to know how interesting their neighbors are.

We all have a story in us somewhere and sharing our story with others helps make us feel more connected. No one has a clue that there is a Gladys Cherryblossom living here, well maybe a few do, she wasn’t really a stripper, more of a pole dancer I think.  Well, there was that one pole in Vegas… needless to say, our lives were certainly not boring, not to us anyway, right?  What would surprise us to know about your life?  Do you have a secret talent?  How many have a secret wish and what is stopping you from pursuing it?

It is never too late to pursue what we want in our life, well Tom Selleck may never happen for me, but damn a girl can dream, right?  I am full of ideas and dreams and piss and vinegar, then comes naptime from all that energy output in my head. I awake refreshed and hungry and start all over again.. it happens.  Napping is also part of my DNA and it is not just an old person’s thang.. we all need to recharge our batteries and it has been proven that most of us would benefit from a short nap in the afternoon.  Sometimes the nap turns into a nice long sleep.. it happens.

Ok, now where was I? hmmm .. reinventing ourselves, yep I like it.  One of my volunteer/cajoled speakers has taken up painting in his old age, acrylics yet! He turns ninety this fall and he has such a talent and I am in awe of him. Of course, now I want to take up painting and that is when I have to remember to focus.  I did do watercolor paintings in my first life but then kids came along.  I enjoyed it, hmmm… see what happens?  Ah well, reinventing myself is not a problem for me, focussing on one thing is.  This reminds me I want to change the tables and chairs set up at the clubhouse for our event this afternoon…  and so I’m done here.  If you could do something you really wanted .. what would it be I wonder?

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