Made in Canada .. eh?

This is me as a baby with my first baby :  )

It is my birthday today and I am proud, grateful and so lucky to be born into such a great country.

We are a small country, population wise, with only a little less than 38 million amazing and creatively intelligent humans, of which I am one. Do you know that our biggest export to date has been our people? Yes that’s true, we export our knowledge to the world and apparently we are in high demand. I was unaware of this until a few years ago, but how cool is that? No wonder I can’t find my soul mate .. he is off helping other countries that need our expertise, damn!

The ironic part of having such a small population is that we are the second largest country in the world! The only country bigger than us is Russia.. yep. Being born into such a large country we take for granted our abundant wealth in natural resources. Besides our huge mineral resources, we have the third largest gas and oil reserves in the world, who knew? Some consider our diamonds as the most sought after, add some gold, and rare earths, and we are pretty lucky. (google rare earths)

We supply potash to the world (potash is in high demand as a fertilizer for crops) lord knows we will always need fertilizer to grow food and the world has to eat. Some eat to live and the rest of us just love to eat. Kazakhstan (between Russia and China) is the number one exporter. They needed help when starting up to figure out how to get the potash out of the loaded metal cars once mined. A Canadian to the rescue, we sent them an expert, true story. I dated said expert for awhile.. but alas, he wasn’t my soul mate..

We have deep reserves of uranium and the smarts to build nuclear power plants, but that can be a political football. Some countries build nuclear bombs with that shit and we can’t always control who ends up with our uranium, so its a crapshoot. Why do we have to have wars, will we ever have world peace I wonder? Seriously… mother nature may just step in with a virus to kill us all, if we don’t stop killing each other.. hmmm let’s think about that…

Our prairies are called ‘the bread basket of the world’ our wheat and now our pulse crops are in high demand, barring any countries making political statements. Some countries like to ban or put tariffs on our exports, to make us submissive to them..but we survive all that bs. We live in Nirvana. Here I am sitting here this morning, a ‘made in Canada’ truly amazing, seriously creative Canadian woman. Sure I’m in my senior years but that just makes me better! Canadians are loath to brag or be abstentious about our country, but I just wanna say here that we are fucking amazing!.. and so am I : )

We live in the best country in the world, bar none! (google it)

I’m so sorry for that little profanity (we also apologize a lot) but its time for us to stand up and be counted.. so to speak. Not wanting to bore you with our all our achievements, including being an integral part in winning two world wars.. lets just say that Canada and Canadians are not given enough credit. It’s true we are respected around the world, being a Canadian visiting Holland (we freed the Dutch in ww11) relegates us to superstar status. Sure we subtly display Canadian paraphernalia on our person when travelling, can’t hurt right?

Just a little blurb here for anyone reading this, a few quick facts. Canadians live longer than our neighbors to the south of us, approximately 2 years longer. Thank god because I’m gonna need those two extra years, to do everything I want to do. We also have slightly better health care at half the cost, than those same neighbors.. google it! Now, about that health care fyi, it is free to each and every one of us (spare me any arguments please, we pay taxes and we expect free healthcare.. period.) We do not pay one red cent to see a doctor or get medical attention.

Turns out, a study done in the states, declares we are also the happiest people in the world, with where we live, now that’s important in my books. That darn Norway and Finland sometimes beats us out, but generally we come out on top.

Now I’d like to rest my case here, because if you’re happy and you know it.. well you get my point. Oh.. and btw, some south of us express interest in moving here, when things go awry in their country. We don’t have a two class system, Dems and Repubs, here in Canada we usually vote whatever party, depending on who we like. Kinda freeing I think.

So to wind up my little birthday ‘Made in Canada’ blog, the only thing we don’t make enough of is babies. Left on our own and without immigration we would die out gradually but surely. I am all for making more love, minus the baby part though, I’m a Nana now. My soul mate will not go wanting though, if he ever finds me.. just sayin..”we like to make love.. not war” ooops sorry about that..

Happy Birthday to me.. Lord please send me that soul mate : )