Life.. is it all in the details.. or does it flow forth from our creative juices ?

images7DMZ7L6MIs it possible we recreate ourselves everyday I wonder. I was explaining to a friend in an email, about how I wouldn’t like an office job at all because I like to create things. Having a creative side is what drives me but sometimes it is  a pain in the butt. Not attending to details can cause problems.

An example of this is indulging my creative side in the kitchen, baking or cooking.. I enjoy feeding others, however.. clean-up is not my forte. Do I live my life this way, leaving others to clean up the mess.. I wonder? They say ‘it’ is all in the details, but oh my god.. the details can be sooo boring don’t you think?.. and what are those dam details? And what is ‘IT’ .. anyway? hmmmm

Creating something beautiful, be it food or art, a great story or a poem.. even a great haircut, is so satisfying and brings me such joy. The hairstyling years in my life were so fulfilling.. creating beauty  from whatever I had to work with.. learning, always learning.untitled (76)

The trends went from back-combing bouffant hairstyles to perming afros then on to precision scissor cutting, texturizing and coloring and.. and.. ! The creativity was endless and starting new businesses was also a creative endeavor.

Do you think everything we do is creative? We do some things by rote, like paying bills and making beds (well some make their beds everyday, some don’t). Does making your bed everyday say something about you and if you don’t what does that say? Ok I don’t really want to know.

thUUX1VW7UBeing unorganized is a creation of its own undoing.. it’s not easy putting away stuff where it belongs. Trying on how many different outfits to wear is a good example of this. Do you wait until the last minute to get dressed for the appointed outing, be it lunch with a friend or an appointment of some sort.. leaving a chaos in the bedroom?

How about those that create drama and excitement .. that could go both ways. We love exciting people and like to have them in our circle. There are also the ones that are always in crisis and seem to thrive on them..  do they create their own crisis I wonder?

What about the quiet ones.. they do everything expected of them and by the numbers .. those are the ones that know where everything is and everything has a place. I love them when I am searching for something but hate it when they make me put stuff back where it belongs.. “do I have to put everything back?” oh.. ok alright already, so much for the quiet!writeyour own story

We all know someone like that.. what are they creating I wonder.. hmmm.. probably peace of mind and satisfaction of just ‘knowing’ .. like they just ‘know’! Those earrings with the little green stones in them or that elusive skirt, they  ‘know’ where those items are. Hmmm..  I wonder what their junk drawers look like?

I am always looking for that one dam skirt to try on (always hung on a hanger under other stuff), the one I never end up wearing, because I can’t find the right top to go with it. How about the pants that were too tight (so I threw them in the closet somewhere.. or was it a drawer?) but might fit now .. or not.. what did I do with them? Where the heck are those shoes that that would look good with this outfit.. maybe I gave them away?

imagesGA8JHL2BThat piece of paper I need for an upcoming trip .. uh well.. ok it’s my passport and I know I put it in a safe place. Thing is, my creative mind only creates.. it really sucks at finding stuff. UNLESS it is golf balls,  I have an uncanny gift for finding lost balls, go figure.

Some people create organized lives while others are left wanting.. waiting to be unlocked and set free! We all have the keys..  I just can’t find mine.  Finding that passport will certainly force me to get creative in the near future.

We recreate ourselves everyday I think, don’t you? When we get out of bed in the morning we start making decisions that will affect our whole day, maybe our week or maybe even our lives.

Creating a whole new life for myself has been very exciting .. but.. I may need a future partner that loves creating order out of chaos. Do you think I could put that on my  profile for dating sites? How would I word it even?  Creative in the bedroom but need someone to clean it up and make the bed after.. yep.. works for me!images97TPHLY9

imagesAE0C25T6I wonder what I can create today .. I really need a miracle for my choke cherry jelly.. looks like it didn’t ‘setup’ properly. I must have missed something in the ‘details’.. ahhhhh.. that’s why they have that saying….