life happens along the way

Life Happens Along the Way

I made it home to Canada in time for my granddaughter’s graduation. It was so beautiful and heartwarming, each student was allowed 10 guests, and the grads looked amazing in their caps and gowns.  The hall was decorated and photo ops were everywhere. I turned to my daughter-in-law and said “when Gregg (her dad) was her age I pulled him out of school to BBQ the steaks for a catering job we had.” Well ok, he was maybe four years older than my granddaughter who was graduating from preschool that morning at the tender age of 5 years old. My kids never fail to point out our child labour practices back in the day, so I just thought I would get the jump on it.

Times change and I hope my little granddaughter will grow up to understand and appreciate her amazing parents. Everything is different now with my kid’s children.  My older grandkids helped in the catering business and yes it was stressful but we did what we had to do to make a living. Lest you think this little one is spoiled I should mention here that she knows how to drive vehicles around the yard and she also knows the names of all the big equipment my son operates (I don’t).  Dare I say she can even operate some of them?  Better not, I don’t want to get him into trouble.  The catering business is gone but a high-tech cylinder business and a trucking firm take their place on the homefront acreage.

Do we ever quit working I wonder? Here I am retired and still doing 100 miles per hour in my head but also physically stretching myself out sometimes. I was going to say stretching myself thin, but alas that will never happen and just so you know, I’m fine with that.  I’m looking to market a new concept cookbook with my girlfriend from Utah.  She is leaving a lot of the decisions for me because her life is full of commitments right now.  This is fine with me but being as I am of ‘age’ my techie skills are sorely lacking in the areas of social media.  I’m not a quitter though and a challenge excites me, too bad it is a technical one, but ah well.  We do what we have to do when we have to do it, and that is what has gotten me through most of my life.

Making decisions is the tough part and that is why I am sitting here writing my blog.  I’m feeling torn between my writing and developing this series of cookbooks that has my imagination running wild.  These cookbooks are for people that don’t like to cook for themselves like me!  I should have called them heat and eat, but I liked the Too Lazy to Cook-Book better.  I get really excited when I find new products in the stores that make this easier for me.  My favorite meal is a turkey meal with mashed potatoes and gravy and always homemade stuffing, and cranberry sauce of course.  I had this very meal before I left my place down south to come home.  It was all ‘heat and eat’ the turkey was chicken and the cranberry sauce was ‘cranberry jalapeno jam’ but it was all delicious.

The stuffing that tasted just as good as my homemade recipe is my latest find.  I will be looking for it here in Canada and featuring it in one of our next cookbooks.  Trust me when I say this is a ‘find’ I was making 800lbs and more, of stuffing for thirty years because we couldn’t buy anything close to what we made, for our catering business.  There are the fire-grilled lemongrass chicken breast kabobs that are so delicious (already cooked) that you will save a ton of time and money using these.  They are made in Canada too, bonus. We put together meals in our cookbooks with pictures of what they should look like and also pictures of what to buy.

Our first cook-book is rotisserie chicken FIVE WAYS, five easy recipes and always less than five ingredients, and only five bucks for the cookbook.  We are including a bonus recipe in each book and also our viral baked buns recipe from scratch.  These homemade buns take two hours from start until out of the oven, trust me you’re going to love it.  We provide tips on how to assemble and switch out ingredients and especially how to put your meal together so you can’t wait to eat it. People eat with their eyes first and if it looks good enough to eat then I have done my job.. well actually you have.

Will you look at this, I sat down to write about decisions I need to make in my life and I think my answer is in the above two paragraphs.  Life happens along the way and it’s obvious I am so excited about this venture that I guess my writing will be about food for the foreseeable future.  AND… I am ok with this, the possibilities are endless for our cook-book series.

A Man’s Too Lazy to Cook-Book”  (involves a lot of cans) including a ‘five-star’ soup this is a seriously good soup.

Lazy Apps (the food kind)

Kids edition, Lazy, and Fun Cook-Book Adventures

We are also working on a Tribute To Ukraine Cook-Book (we will be making a donation to Ukraine from sales of this one)

So you see, I guess this is where my life is taking me right now.  Living each day with joy is my purpose and if I’m not happy, then .. ah well I can always go back to bed.  I can do this because I am retired, but mostly we create our own happy.

That’s all, I’m done..  happy Funday Sunday.

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