I owe I owe .. its off to work I go (letter to the editor) Star Phoenix sktn

While I like to give everyone the benefit of the doubt, it has finally come to pass that our finance minister has committed a major blunder. How on earth do you overlook a 41,000.00 debt that needs to be paid? This is not a trivial amount, unless maybe you are used to others paying your way? How many other debts are outstanding that he has forgotten about?

I see it this way, if you can’t afford to travel on your own dime, and it seems you like to travel in style, don’t go! If you are travelling to take care of the business of Canada and Canadians, then sure we should foot the bill. We will however expect you to get the best deals on your travels, you are well versed in finance right? I expect no frivolous wastefulness when you are using my money.

This has also occurred to me. I think we are not wrong in expecting any speaking engagements you get remuneration for, should go into the taxpayers coffers. This should also apply to your family, because of your prestigious presence, on the worlds stage. You are, after all, on our payroll. Every politician knows this right? Yes this is a reference to your boss as well.

Please correct me if I am wrong, in this assessment. If you are giving away millions of tax free money to any¬†organization and you let any of your kids accept jobs with them.. isn’t this morally wrong? I mean, it would be okay if it was your own money out of your own pocket.

and lastly.. I live on a pension and my financials skills are not the best, but even I know what bills I owe.