humps .. this is for you Birdie

Hump Day.. we can all relate to this, what would we do without hump day? How would we distinguish when we are over the hump in our work week, like seriously?

I wonder where that word even came from? We have other words like dump, chump, frump, lump, pump and of course the orange haired dangerous idiot of all time.. Trump. But I digress, we are talking about humps here and ya.. he is a humper for sure, sorry/not sorry. It can be a sexually charged word or just another bump/hump in the road.

Sexually speaking, humping is not all that bad, well let’s change that to a really good hump can lift you out of a slump, literally. Getting past the hump is always good as well. If you are down in the dumps you only need make it past the hump, ya I know.. confusing as hell.

Being retired once again, hump day is meaningless to me. Unless of course a consulting job/opportunity presents itself, then I will just jump in here and say.. yeah for hump day! I have a resume’ ready, and a bio complete with a head shot. If it is just a roll in the hay, well then that’s cool too. I’ll take my lumps along with my humps, hmmmmm

Obviously its been awhile, otherwise why would I even be writing about this silly word. Well.. let me explain. It has been suggested to me to ride a camel, humps and all, and yes I do have an opportunity to do so in Morocco. I have no desire for this or riding a donkey either, its just not the mode of transportation I prefer.

I like my ride to be dependable and smooth and enjoyable, kinda how I like my men. Invariably I do stray, seeking excitement.. so ok its allowed. Picking men is not my forte’ though, its like buying shoes actually. I like shopping for shoes and I’ve tried on my fair share. I bring the ones that seem a perfect fit home, only to find out they really aren’t.. you know what I mean..

Here I am wandering again, from humps to shoes to men.. all in one sentence. Maybe I will ride the camel, or the donkey or maybe they will let me drive the Range Rover over the dunes in the dessert! Fat chance of that happening I’m sure, never say never though, right?

What should I do, is it really enjoyable riding between the humps on a camels back? Well is it? I could care less about the photo op, I have a picture somewhere of riding on an elephant in my younger years. I’ve witnessed caravans of camels in Australia, along the ocean no less (have pictures of that too) and in Egypt beside the pyramids.

Truth is a little humping with Tom Selleck would be to my liking.. there I said it, sorry/not sorry :  ) I have no filter and stuff just blurts out of my fingers and onto the page. It is magical and so are my fingers.. omg did my fingers really say that? They have no shame, guess I don’t either..

Ah well .. I hope hump day comes around soon..

The end…

And I am living my best life.. :  )