How deep should we dig the hole

A glorious full moon is out, my fire is blazing nicely and we are settled around it, drinks in hand and roasting hot dogs. It is a perfect evening in a perfect setting and life is pretty dam perfect. The phone/cameras come out and perfection flies out into the night. “Make sure you took a picture of my thin thigh” omg.. I didn’t even know there was such a thing.

Then the wrinkles come under discussion and yada, yada yada.. we women know the scenario well. We then discuss ages and everyone has to know how old everyone is. Well my age changes depending on what dating site I am on, so this discussion gets nowhere with me. Age is just a number. I have friends all ages, and have a couple of close girlfriends that are in their thirties. My boyfriends tend to be younger too.

As we are picking apart our flaws, I look over to the two men present, I wonder how the hell they are enjoying any of this. Another thought also occurs to me, as women why do we always have to discuss our flaws and imperfections? I’m at the age that I finally don’t care all that much what anyone thinks. I’m sure that perfection will never be mine.

As I sit here on my patio this morning, the sun shining and drinking my coffee, I’m pondering this perfection bullcrap. The tequila around the fire last night has led me to a few swigs of mountain dew this morning. The salt and vinegar chips, left overs that I’ve been munching on, made me thirsty.

I bring my computer outside so I can write, along with my 20X mirror so I can pluck errant hairs from my face. Well lordy, lordy, will you look at this, that guy I was sleeping with last night is me! Freaking hairs all over my chin and upper lip and I haven’t even ventured to look in my nose, it’s just too early for that, I’m not ready.

Hmmm.. why are we so critical of ourselves? The men at the fire, husbands of a couple of the gals, had their own little discussion going. Do men sit around and complain about their bodies I wonder? I think not, but why do we do this, it’s not productive in the least, and what does my age have to do with anything?

Eating healthy interests me, those salt and vinegar chips are just a distraction, the mountain dew was closer than the water tap. Ah hell, the tequila is only a once in awhile thing, its not like I drink a lot. That the whole bottle is almost empty means nothing. A couple gals decided to have a few drinks from it as well.

This has got to stop, so I put the chips away, same with the mountain dew. Its time to quit worrying about what we look like and start worrying about how we feel. I feel like going out for breakfast, so I’ll finish this later.

Two mornings later……

The eating healthy thing was not helped by the Kentucky fried chicken bowl I had for supper last night. Sometimes we just need a break, you don’t even want to know how many oven roasted veggies I have in my fridge. I love veggies, snacking on them and having them handy is great, but I think I’ve overdone it. Two large cookie trays of roasted vegetables was a bit ambitious for one person. I wish I would have done one of those trays with cookies.. ah well.

The lettuce and coleslaw is also dying in my fridge. It would have been better if there was a recall on that green stuff then I wouldn’t have to watch it rot.

So back to what I wanted to write about from my firepit get-together the other night. I think we should quit talking about our own imperfections and instead rag on our men’s faults. I have thought over that last sentence and realized how stupid it was. We rag on men all the time, sometimes even when they are present, so there goes that.

The day they make the perfect man is the day we will have nothing to gripe about. (and that will be a sorry day in hell .. loll) Let’s do try and be kinder to ourselves. I think my friends look awesome, I like them for who they are, not how they look. Not one of us is perfect, we need to accept that and move on.

My friends come and go and as we grow older so do our journeys diverge. We fill our lives with people that lift us, inspire us, and make us smile, we are only here for such a short while. Make someone smile today, give of yourself, look outwards not inwards.

We all know the description of a true friend. If I call you in the middle of the night to confess I killed someone I know you will show up on my doorstep with a shovel.

THAT my friends is perfection .. and I value that above all else.

The next discussion around my fire pit will be about shovels, and how deep we should dig the holes….