Guns, me and my Ukrainian Heritage


My son was using a broom handle for a gun in his make-believe battle with the bad guys in his playtime. I was horrified and took it away as I had taken away plastic guns unwitting relatives had gifted him for birthdays or Xmas.  I abhor guns and my children were not going to play pretend to kill with them. His ingenious use of a broom handle just exasperated me.

Fast forward to today and what’s happening in Ukraine. I would take up a gun or rifle in a heartbeat and travel to Ukraine to help them fight if I could.  I am heartsick at what is happening and feel so helpless. My blog today is to address this helplessness and how to cope with these feelings of despair. I have a houseguest and she too is full of the same feelings as myself.

The whole world, or most of it anyway, is also in shock I think. How did this happen in this day and age of diplomacy and negotiation?  Is pure evil truly going to win I wonder?  Who is next on his agenda? Did you know that Putin has restored and built up all the previously abandoned military stations in the Arctic Circle? He has also built up a fleet of new ships (icebreakers) and submarines (including nuclear-equipped ones) sent to this area. I recently googled this because Canada along with the States, Denmark, Norway, Finland, and a few other countries have long had disputes about who owns what.. and I stumbled upon all this new information not many of us are aware of.

What are Putin’s plans if he is successful in Ukraine? Will he turn his attention to the Arctic while setting his sights on Canada? Russia is the largest country in the world, almost 70 percent larger than Canada which is the second largest.  Population-wise, not so big, only 144 million people, less than half of the United States at 344 million. Do his plans include making the Ukrainian people at 44 million, his subjects?

This is where I have a little glimmer of hope. We have all witnessed the Ukrainian resistance and their fierce determination to beat back this goliath of a Russian war machine. The president of Ukraine has certainly won the hearts and admiration of the world along with our support for his country and his people. See.. here is the thing I keep thinking about, these people will not willingly accept Russia into their hearts. They will always be Ukrainian and Ukraine will always be their homeland and not Russias concubine. So how can Russia claim victory over a people that will not accept this? AND .. there-in lies my hope and prayers for Ukraine. It’s like a master/slave relationship, I may have to bow to you but I will never accept you. In fact, it could be a counter-productive type of deal with the conquered people doing everything to sabotage the relationship?

We have seen the determination on the Ukrainian people’s faces, I am in awe of this. I am also heartbroken and feel so helpless, BUT.. it is that very determination of the Ukrainians that is filling my heart with hope for them. I feel that they will never give up and my feelings are that something good is going to happen to steer the outcome of this unnecessary war.  This is what I sat down here to write about this morning and I sure hope I am right.  The whole world is watching and coming together with prayers and guns and money and booking air b&bs and doing whatever it takes to help them. YES, I would take up a gun and travel to Ukraine to help fight that bastard Putin, if I could!

AND that is how I feel this morning and I needed to write this down and post it.