Coffee tea or bacon ?.. just a little morning humor


images (14)Well .. welcome back to me. The jet lag was certainly not something I expected but it has taken over a week for me to feel like my old self.. and I do stress old. Maybe the younger ones bounce back and take everything in stride, but I’m  surprised it has taken me this long.

So the world goes on without me and how is that possible.. hmmm. I need to vote on Monday and I still don’t know where the polling station is.. ah well it is not Monday yet. More pressing matters is coffee and unpacking.. but it has only been a little better than a week, lots of time to unpack yet.

More important on my list is coffee and the lack of it. Using up my last pod was a rash decision last night, the most absurd thing I’ve done since being home. Who uses their last pod in the evening.. ? ok that thought came to my mind too .. but I’m not ready to go yet.

images (19)Now I am sitting here writing this blog and all I can think about is coffee. I very seldom go out without dressing up and my face on, after all you don’t know who you might meet. What if my future soul mate is shopping in the coffee isle at the local Co-op store, at the same time as me?

Sure .. call me anytime but I need time to pull myself together...
Sure .. call me anytime but I need time to pull myself together…

My life is more complicated now, I can’t just run out and do an errand. This requires some major self-keeping .. which is like housecleaning only on your own body. Brush my teeth, deodorant.. clean clothes, do something with my hair, minimum make-up if wearing sunglasses .. full if not!

As I write this I have an aha moment.. when did I turn into a teenager? Crap.. does this mean I am going backwards and next thing I know my kids will telling me what to do and how I should live my life? Oh.. dam, too late. It’s true my phone is never far from me and I do sleep A  LOT.

Regressing .. if that is what is happening, is not all that bad. The freedom to express whatever I want is something I really enjoy although maybe not so much for my kids. Sleeping til noon.. well ok I just can’t do that but I can have a nap at noon that turns into a sleep.

images (16)There really is no sense of urgency to my life, do teenagers feel this way I wonder? I think about the males species and sex a lot, hmmm well maybe not a lot, but more than when I was married.. oh well .. so ok, maybe a lot.

Now where was I ? Coffee, yes I need a fix of dark roast and maybe one sugar. Being away in Asia and Australia for a month has changed my taste for this important drug. Seems everything back here now tastes like a watery version of what coffee should be.

Oh man.. finally a good cup of coffee, was my first reaction on coming home.. but what is this? Try as I is not working, and the sugar I have been adding while I was away has now got its hooks back into me.. darn! Would switching to tea work and if not, how about just hot water and then it won’t matter where I travel to.images (17)

Well this is maybe age talking now and if I am regressing then maybe I should be looking at those energy drinks? Na.. I wouldn’t know what to do with all that extra energy. I know what I would like to do but .. oops my outside voice.

Do you think coffee will always be our first choice of poison in the morning or will we replace it with something richer and sweeter, seductive and sultry… oh geez, I guess coffee is not all that I’m missing.

images (15)The morning ‘fix’ what ever it is .. just makes the day worth getting out of bed. The smell of coffee being brought to you..  still in bed, is such an aphrodisiac .. memories sweet memories..

images (18)
Sorry.. I would never say that bad word! (hmmm well…)

What’s that I smell.. bacon…? hmmm I think my granddaughter is frying up some bacon.  Well looks like all bets are off.. future soul mate will have to wait, who the heck needs coffee anyway when you can have bacon?