Goldilocks and the two bears.. in Cuba


This Cuban holiday was last minute and the price was right. This one however, is not like the last three when I was here, over five years ago. I am disappointed in our hotel, not having a guaranteed shower in the morning is annoying. The water is scalding hot or too cold or sometimes.. no water! It is a crapshoot for sure, we play a guessing game as to when we will have water that is just right.. kinda like the three bears and Goldilocks except we are not Goldilocks and there is only two of us bears. The young couple we barter with, (soya sauce packets for fresh limes) lost the shower head in their bathroom and they joke that they hose each other down.. oh to be young and in love again right?

The food situation is getting weary.. although how can you have weary food you’re wondering? Well that’s when you take a plate of food and look at it and can’t bear to put any in your mouth… don’t worry about me though, I have enough body fat to last through the winter. Rice and cabbage and brussel sprouts (which I love) are only good for so many days, for lunch and supper. They show up each day in the salads as well. Fish, chicken and pork are mainstays but only the chicken is worth eating. We did have an excellent fish yesterday though, it was served with a garlic butter sauce and it was not mushy.. lets face it, anything with garlic butter tastes good!

I didn’t come here for the food and I have to keep reminding myself of that. The fresh papaya, bananas and pineapple as well as fresh papaya juice is excellent. The breads are good as well and I have taken to cutting the long loaves kinda like a sub, and filling with fresh tomatoes and cucumbers. Note to self, add mayo packets to stash list! I think cooking lessons wouldn’t hurt or maybe they just don’t really care. All the basic food groups are here .. it is just missing one important ingredient.. flavor! Oh.. one more thing, lets get those warming chaffers hotter nothing is hot, it is all just warm.. oh man..

So this time around I am pretty disappointed, but making the best of it. Our foray into Havana took us to the Tropicanna, a famous landmark, for lunch. We enjoyed a great lunch of grilled fresh lobster and shrimp fettuccini. It was worth the extra money and delicious. The cobblestone potholed streets of old Havana however, are out to get me and remind me of Saskatchewan’s potholed streets. There is a lot of work to be done here on the infrastructures and restorative constructions on the old inhabitable buildings. People still live in them though, kinda scary I would think.

Ok so whining over, the Cubans don’t whine like we do. They are basically a happy lot and always look clean and put together.. not so some of us. We could take a lesson from them I’m sure. Alright just one more comment.. customer service is NOT a priority here for the tourist industry, but it should be. Tourism is the number one industry now next to tobacco, nickel and colbalt exports. If you are a wired social media junkie you will hate it here. Wi Fi is scarce and iffy at best. This is the second time I am writing this blogpost.. I lost two posts already written .. long story and I can’t get into it, too painful.

As I was lying in bed yesterday.. and I wrote about it in yesterday blogpost that I lost.. sorry I digress. Anyway this is a new experience here this time around because of all the interesting people we have been meeting. Greg and Barb are from Regina, Saskatchewan (someone has to live there I guess.. :  ) totally enjoying them. We went on the Hemmingway excursion yesterday with them (another lost blog I will have to rewrite.. damn). We have shared a lot of laughs.

There’s Lubina our social activities director and a bundle of positive energy. She has this wonderful smile that eminates from within.. she is like a magnet drawing us all together. Giving us an on the spot Spanish lesson was hilarious and  so much fun .. we are so screwed up, but I learn how to say ‘yo soy Bonita’ “I am Pretty”. Tu et Lindo “you are Handsome” gets me a few second looks from the handsome Cuban men. Believe me when I say.. oh my.. these Cuban men are so good looking!

Jenny and Jared are from Saskatoon and just got engaged here.. “we are going to be friends for life” says my girlfriend Colleen to them.. and I think it kinda creeper them out a bit… bahahaha. But they are also fun to be with and I think we will see them again, besides on the plane ride back to Saskatoon. Tim from Toronto (semi-retired) can’t believe we have never been to Montreal .. so I ask him if he has been to Egypt and he shakes his head “well I have.. and Australia, China and Japan” which he hasn’t been to any of them.. these easterners, oh my, they are kinda full of themselves.. lol. My girlfriend just told me that her dad a diehard westerner always used to say “the only good thing that ever came out of the east .. was the sun and and an empty bus… !”

Ok more later .. the ocean is calling my name today..




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