wildlife or ‘wild life’.. life is full of surprises..


Being at the lake sucks (I’m saying that because I know you all have to work) .. you never know if it is going to rain or be windy or if the sun is going to shine. Yep.. all first world problems. I will get around to worrying about all that right after I finish my second cup of this wonderful new tea my cousin gave me. It smells so good I want to wear it around my neck but I’m afraid of attracting bees.

There are rogue bumblebees living under my deck.. they buzz in around dusk and scare the begeezus out of me. They look me over as I sit absolutely motionless and hold my breath.  They deem me harmless, then land and crawl between the deck boards to their little hide-away.

These bees are as big as my thumb and I think they are on steroids! I also noticed a wasp yesterday crawling under the boards on the other end of my deck.. those little bastards are mean and they will take a bite out of you just for looking at them! I quickly averted my eyes.. whew!

This blog is my journal, I like keeping track of what happens here on a yearly basis. It lets me observe the changes in the landscape, the vegetation and the wildlife. There is no wildlife this year! All I have is one lousy pelican and two gay loons raising one little offspring.

I am not counting the skunk or the bear that each, only showed up once.. and thank god for that! The beaver with a branch in its mouth on my back doorstop doesn’t count. That was a prank my cousin played on me. Actually that was last year and I hope he is lulled into a false sense security because I have a big surprise for him this month. It will make that beaver look tame

Where have all the berries gone?????  (long time passing… sorry , couldn’t resist.. now get that song out of your head) Two years ago they were hanging off the bushes so abundantly I had to actually take up canning! No mean feat I may add.. I was like a demon possessed.. saskatoons and choke cherries .. hell I even bought crabapples from the local store and tried my hand at crab-apple jelly!

No berries this year thank god.. I still have chokecherry jelly from two years ago. Two bags of frozen saskatoons languish in my freezer from last year. Now these are all ‘wild berries’ that grow in the bushes around the lake. Too many wild parties I guess, they must be taking a sabbatical this year.

While up here I connected with a ‘hippie dude’ off of a dating sight I frequent. I unloaded some of my homemade goods onto him. I guess maybe he could qualify in my wildlife up here.. it was a wild week-end and perfectly delightful. While touring the lake on my quad he called me pretty goofy,  “WHAT?”  “noooo.. I said pretty groovy!”. ya.. that’s what he said…

Omg .. did I mention the ponytail and knee pads.. ok you had to be here. He disappeared as eerily as he appeared .. maybe it was all the potions he concocted or the little buds that he stuffed into his pipe… because ‘poof’ he is gone.

Maybe this is the year of the wild life after-all.. but in a different sense. It is exciting to be open to what life throws at you and the aftermath is also never dull. We experience life in our own little worlds in our own little ways .. the trick is to do no harm.

It can be difficult, I’d like to wallow sometimes and maybe even a good cry once in awhile. Now where did that come from? hmmmm… My hippie friend had no expectations and maybe he has it right.. but.. maybe not. I do have expectations, not so much for others, but for myself, and that’s what counts for me.

Yep… lake life can be predictable, but the wildlife.. ahhhhhh it is unpredictable.. and that excites me..

now go enjoy your day and “do no harm”

pic at sunset on pontoon boat