what I do (writers assignment Nov. 16th 2021)

What I do .. my writing assignment for a course I’m taking.

As I sit here and ponder the question of “what I do,” my mind is searching desperately for something worthwhile to put down on this page. Most of the time I feel I’m doing nothing and it’s such a waste, so I convince myself that I have earned this. There never was a time in my life that I was idle.  Being an entrepreneur actually took up most of my life and I certainly have regrets about that. Being retired has only stopped my body from doing physical labour, my mind, however, has never stopped racking up the overtime.

What I do now is procrastinate. “I should do this, ” and “when I do that I’ll finish whatever it is I promised myself I’d do later.”  My life consists of filling my time with good intentions which end in broken promises. As I sit here trying to figure out what I want to write, I rub the errant hairs on my chin.

Ahhhhh….okay the hairs are gone and that feels so good!  It’s what I do every day now because my face has become a fertile pasture for proliferating errant hairs. I ponder this and why my eyebrows are sprouting outwards and not laying flat anymore, I wonder if I google it, will google know the answer? Writing really helps me pass the time, except when I have an assignment like this one.

I decided to make buns, the dough is rising and a timer set so I don’t forget about them. I even cleaned up after myself and emptied and reloaded the dishwasher. A girlfriend phoned and we chatted a bit about what we were doing with our lives.  That didn’t last long. I also checked into Facebook while talking with her, which led to making these buns. A friend had posted a picture of her buns, using my recipe, which led me here. I decided to add chopped jalapenos to the dough and onion soup instead of water for the liquid. This is how I add excitement and challenges to my life now, I make my own rules. Sad but true.. hmmm I’ll also grate some cheddar cheese and incorporate it into the dough.

Well, that was somewhat excruciating but it’s finished. I gave up halfway through with the cheese, too hard and messy, I never used to be a quilter but it’s what I do now. Half my buns have cheese and the other half will just have to live without it. Good intentions gone awry. The only good thing about this pandemic is that no one expects much from me anymore, least of all myself. I don’t feel bad either because I’m not missing out on anything. Mostly it’s a relief but sometimes I just want to play nice with someone, is that too much to ask? Tom Selleck comes to mind sigh…..

My only pressing concern right now is to find the old lady who’s sneaking into my condo when I’m sleeping and leaving a mess wherever she goes. If I catch that bitch she’s toast!


Copyright November 15th 2021