The flight of time passing by or new adventures in the desert? Sunday Funday blog

It has been a while I know and I apologize. Regurgitating older blogs has saved me time and effort.. being retired has never been so busy for me.  WTH (what the heck) do I do with all my time you may wonder, and that is why I sat down here today..

Our Ukrainian cookbook has taken up a good chunk of it I know and it’s time to start our third one, but I need a break.  My brother in BC (British Columbia, Canada) used to regularly ask me “What do all you old people do when you go south?”

“We congregate there in the sun and sit around while waiting to die” I retorted back at him a matter of factly.  He had no idea, but he does now I think, he is also old and makes the trek once in a while. This year I decided to take up golfing (which I really detest) but turns out I love the camaraderie of a bunch of gals of all ages and from all walks of life, trying to make the perfect drive or shot or homerun or whatever. That I can actually now hit the ball every time.. okay so most of the time, impresses the hell outta me.

My time here is coming to a close and this year has been a test. The wind and cooler temps along with cloudy days and generally shitty weather have been a real eye-opener for sure.  My kids refused to listen to my whining because it was minus 20 and lots of snow back home. The thing is, I only turned off my furnace less than a month ago and usually every freaking day here is supposed to be blue skies and sunny… but not this year! Not only that BUT now it’s going to be in the nineties today and tomorrow.. like WTH? (that is 36 Celcius)

I’ve had thoughts of selling my place here only because I really can’t afford to pay for everything with American money. Canadian money brings on a barrage of divisive comments from everyone here when I try to slip in a Canadian dime at Pinochle, but I lose 30 cents on every dollar. I’m old and living on a pension, my son helps me out of the hole I dig for myself every now and then.  Thank God for kids right? Seriously though, everyone needs to get a government job so they have a ‘real money pension’ when retirement rolls around.

I don’t really want to sell, but Mexico is looking better to me all the time.  I really would love to be next to the ocean or some big body of water.  I have a pool here but it’s been too chilly for my tastes, I’m turning into a wuss. The pool’s heater was also broken for a good month. SOOOOO we are going from turning off the furnace and turning on the AC and the power bill is also in American money.  I know I’m lucky to be out of the winter snow and cold back home but I should have brought warmer clothes with me.

This whining is not bringing me closer to figuring out where all my time is disappearing to. The movies have entered into my life as well as golfing but even giving up cards three nights a week hasn’t given me more freedom. Well, Survivor and The Voice and a few other TV shows have caught my attention. Survivor has a contestant from Saskatoon Saskatchewan (my hometown) this year, and I’m liking Chance the Rapper on The Voice. Oh… a new activity has also caught my attention, Howling at The Moon in the foothills of the desert has become my new favorite. OMG, I love this new adventure and who knew Country Music would sneak back into my life this way? Certainly not me.

I actually got to see a Marine Corps plane refueling seven, count ’em.. helicopters in the skies above us while being entertained from the stage, by a band called ‘Pushing Up Daisies’ I know, kill me now, lol. I also got to visit the Yuma Proving Grounds, where there is a whole military community complete with beautiful homes and apartments, schools, a movie theatre, a swimming pool, churches, etc.  We had dinner there at a restaurant. You need a military pass to get into this area and I have a wonderful friend that provided this for us. He’s retired from 23 years in the Marine Corps. He also got me into the Military Base here in Yuma where we had lunch in the commissary. All of the big fighter jets and new military squadrons are home here.

It has been an exciting year for me and I’m seeing a new side of life with my new friend.

… ahhhhhh

Now I know where all my time is disappearing to hmmm.


April 8th 2023