Sometimes.. we just need to go back to bed.

images (25)As I sit here wondering what to write about, my thoughts keep jumbling together and there is not one that separates itself from the others. That is exactly how I feel lately, I am all jumbled and can’t think clearly .

Christmas is just around the corner and living with my granddaughter presents a dilemma.. sorta. Half of us hates Xmas while the other half is loving it. I put up the tree and lights but not the decorations, yet. My hope is that she will help, and we will make hot chocolate and sing Xmas carols .. reality is, she will just give me the fish eye and wish the tree an untimely demise.images (22)

A close girlfriend is in the hospital and my time is spent visiting her when I can.. usually evenings. She’s  been there awhile and its uncertain when she can go home. I certainly don’t mind spending time with my friend, but the parking, if you can find a spot, is 3.00 an hour.

I make jokes that anyone visiting must really love her because of the outrageous  parking toll! I put out that I may have to pedal  my imagesEPFCB6AEbutt on 20th street (red light district) to raise money for parking.. my friend said I would be lucky to get an hours worth of change.. funny girl!

imagesTGZWO2CPThese hospital parking fees need to be addressed .. !!!!! I am quite serious when I say parking at hospitals should be FREE !!! Parking at a hospital is only a joyous occasion if you are having a baby! For the rest of us it is adding insult to injury. Can someone do something about this? Is it even possible?

I also had a meeting at Woman Entrepreneurs, which puts me in touch with other women working at incubating and giving birth to our ideas and images27T6K7E0dreams. Networking and helping each other is natural for us. This last meet-up has me very upset with the schools in our city.

images9EGVLTKKHow many of us as moms and even dads, grandparents or whatever we are, want our kids dinking pop in school? I feel the same way, seems Pepsi has an open door to our kids!!! This gal at W.E. is trying to get her foot in the door with healthy dinks and snacks, 57 items btw, AND a state of the art vending machine that takes debit cards as well.

No one will even see her because Pepsi gives a kick-back to the schools!!! I thought pop was banned in the schools.. apparently in other provinces but not ours! Did you know that.. me neither. I drink my pop at home, when no one is around, and the lights are dimmed.. usually with a little vodka…

Then this whole terrorist thing has me upset with all the hateful things people are saying to propagateimages8KMHBI8F and spread hate. We were all immigrants to this county.. well most.. our parents and grandparents. Sure my first reaction was the same, but hate and fear will destroy your soul and maybe even your health.

We cannot combat hate with more hate. If someone is trying to steal something from your house, they will find a way in no matter how many systems or locks you put in place. But they cannot steal your soul .. your heart, your honor or your integrity. THAT is what these terrorists want! I think the only imagesY61P0E16people we should hate is lawyers and bankers ..and in that order.

The weather, ah well, it is winter and it does follow that we will get snow and cold eventually. Having to scrape my snow and ice encased car with a credit card did not even put a dent in that dam ice..  maybe my card was overdrawn.. who knows?

My roomie (granddaughter) and I recently watched the movie ‘Blindside’ (with Sandra Bullock) it is based on a true story.  I cried through most of it.. at one point going into the ugly cry.  For sure it had to do with all my emotions being so jumbled up these last few weeks.

images7U2QZUH2So my granddaughter takes a picture of me, watching the movie, in my fluffy old housecoat doing the ugly cry. She texted it to my daughter who in turn, sent it to me with a “what’s up?” I texted back that her child had crossed the line with that picture! She then  texted back that.. “if you can’t take a joke then you should go back to bed” .. and you know what?images (27)

She is right.. sometimes we just need to go back to bed.. well maybe I should comb my hair at least, and that’s it .. I’m done.