Sleeping with Tom Selleck

images9HFYU9TDFor a class assignment my granddaughter needed to ‘ask an elder’ seven questions about their life. I was really tickled that she asked me.. hmmm she also thinks I’m ancient, really old and maybe over the hill. One of the questions was “did you do everything you wanted to do?” I’m not sure about you, but that question has me with one foot in the grave.. don’t you think?

imagesBXCAN0P8Did I do everything I wanted to do, let me think about that, hmmm..  “HELL NO!”  I want to sleep with Tom Selleck before I die, geez, and there are a lot of things I want to do yet besides Tom Selleck. I want to write a book, I want to see my blog on The Globe and Mail. I also want to see my invention go to market.

Lets see.. I want to be a size 8 again, ok so maybe I was never a size 8 well does being 8 yrs. old once count? alright so skip that one. Voice lessons and learning to carry a tune, so when I’m singing my kids won’t say “please don’t!” I also want to write a really great poem.

Doing all sorts of man things with ease, like fixing stuff, not peeing on a tree though.. that is disgusting or peeing off the deck, like really? Figuring out how to handle a whipper snipper, cutting the tall weeds around stuff with-out my arms giving out would be great, but I need to work out for that, ah well.

my buns
Yes I baked all this !

Teaching or mentoring is on my wish list, as is learning Spanish. I especially want to teach my grand daughter how to make buns and that is only because I just learned myself last year, this has brought me such great joy! I can actually make bread from scratch, like how cool is that? I want her to experience this same satisfaction that comes with baking your own bread.

imagesEU020TGATo run a marathon, ok so maybe just walk it, na I think I am over that one. Yep, scratch the marathons! I would love to  dance like I was a teenager again, hmmm I guess I still do that but instead of all night it is only for one minute, then I need a 20 minute nap. What I’d really like is someone special to do the horizontal boogie with once in awhile, preferably with someone that wants to ravish me, like maybe Tom?

Ok now where was I? Oh.. did I do everything I wanted to do? Well I raised two wonderful kids as best I knew how. One is raising a family as best as she knows how and the other is building an empire as best as he knows how.

I  started and sold five businesses and achieved a measure of success with all of them, that I am proud of. I even excelled in my own chosen profession and I also succeeded in overturning many obstacles that came my way. Yes I want to do more but there is only so much time, I need to hurry.

(This is not me btw)

I have already started the book, the invention is coming along and my blogging brings me such joy and peace, who cares if it never gets published? I have started on the ‘man stuff’ and quite enjoy mowing grass on the riding lawnmower (who knew that was  going to be so much fun). I know how to fill batteries with water just above the bar for my golf cart and applying dry silicone on everything that won’t screw off  battery caps or doesn’t slide easily patio doors. I’m going to try it on my mailbox lock.

The purchase of  two step stools to reach everything in those high cupboards, and one of those rubber thingys to loosen jar lids, lessens the pressure to have a man around. I bought a big comforter and satiny sheets and my bed just hugs me now! How nice is that? I think Tom would like it as well..imagesZWKKVH33

So my answer to her question of did I do everything I wanted to do? Of course not, because I’m not finished yet.

But wait there is more, the next question ‘what to you, is the point of living?’ Well hells bells, that is the easiest question of all, I need to figure out how to get Tom into my bed, I don’t think it will be that easy. The point my dear girl is to not give up on your dreams. A Life without dreaming would be a very uninspired life, don’t you think?

And I say unto you.. what are your dreams, what would you do differently and most important, whose shoes would you like under your bed, just once? Ok I know, but you get the picture.. right?

#lmbl (living my best life)