not brave.. just free

Not brave.. just free

A friend made a comment to me about how brave I was in my writing. I usually let these comments slide, but others have also commented the same.  I really don’t understand what they mean by this. I write the only way I know how, and that is from my heart. I live this way as well and I will try my best to explain.

The life I have chosen with writing as my passion (bravely as some would suggest) wasn’t always so. A confined 40-year marriage taught me to keep my thoughts to myself and to choose my words carefully. That pairing eventually spat out one lost, old, and confused female, with little bearing or resemblance to the woman I am today.

I’m sharing this because how many more women, probably much younger than I are living this same journey? My today doesn’t even compute to the self-inflicted purgatory of 12 short years ago. As my blog suggests.. I’m living my third and best life so far (besides having my kids) and I am grateful for each day, most of the time.

Being free has unleashed my thoughts and my voice. What a joy to think and write and do whatever I want without fear of reprisals, rejection, and disapproval. I don’t consider myself especially brave, it’s this new freedom of choice that’s giving me the courage to speak my truth. I have no filters it seems, and you know what? I honestly don’t give a damn. I’m sure there are others like myself, suffering in silence, some of you even doubting your value here. Please know you are not alone. When escape is possible just do it and never look back.. your freedom will manifest itself in your courage and the joy that slowly seeps back into your life.


September 20th, 2022