My fridge list and mother nature

my fridge list and Mother Nature

Well it is been four weeks today, two in quarantine and two in isolation since I’ve been home. We may all be experiencing different feelings about this, and I respect that. Mine has given me a chance to really just lay back and not worry about anything. I wonder how many others feel the same? Not being able to socialize is a pain, but I have had a couple coffee breaks outside, in the cold, bringing my own coffee and visiting with a couple cousins.

The more time I have to do nothing.. the less I do, and that is a little worrisome. I even made a list, a lame one to be sure, like dust the glass coffee table as one chore, for one day. I wanted to put easy stuff on so I would be more inclined to do it. FIVE chores in five days.. well, seems like that was 12 days ago but I could be wrong, everyday feels the same. I have no sense of days anymore, or even weeks for that matter.

Cleaning out the fridge was a hard one and I was just a little (ok.. a lot) proud of myself.. trouble is, and I’m not sure how this happened so quickly, but I think it already needs cleaning again.. damn. That is only two out of five things on that fridge list.. shit! I have looked at cleaning out my cutlery top drawer twice, but it remains stagnant, not smelly though like the word suggests. I just can’t figure out what to do with all the stuff crammed in there. If I didn’t need cutlery once in awhile I would quit opening it!

I had to go look at my fridge list to see what the other two things are… ahhhh kitchen table and chairs! Where ¬†else to hang my stuff that comes out of the dryer or stack things you don’t know what to do with? Its a knick knack patty whack.. it just is.(see previous blog on Make counters nice.. well that is a never ending one and a thankless job. The old gal that stalks me in all my pictures and wears my clothes, is also fond of leaving my counters messy. She doesn’t like putting shit away and there isn’t enough cupboard space to hide it all.

I’m not proud of myself for living this way, but I also don’t stress over it either. I live a very relaxed, laid back kinda life and when I die I can leave all this shit behind.. cool huh? I don’t have a husband or a boyfriend, maybe if I did they could do the cleaning, na.. never worked before. The only change here is that usually I feel a need to do something to justify going out somewhere, did you get that? I know, it makes no sense, but it does to me and that is scary. So you know that phrase ‘nowhere to go and nothing to do’ .. that’s basically describing me right now lol.

What I really wanted to write about today is Mother Nature. She has nothing to do with the way I live or does she? My thing is not wasting water, it is a precious commodity and I think it will be more valuable than oil in our next life. I also hate to throw away glass jars, trust me or ask my kids. Plastic is becoming a no no and I have started drinking with out a straw, my contribution. So I drink my tequila straight outta the bottle now.. lol. I have had this theory for a long time but I never thought I would ever see it come to pass. Mother nature takes care of checks and balances on our planet.

Too many rabbits one year, produces lots of foxes and coyotes the following year. It is that simple and I think you get the picture. This virus was a long time coming but then, maybe not. From the ashes of these deaths and our painful losses and the agony of the disruption of the whole world, appears an unexpected gift. The cleanest air we’ve ever had in decades? Our rivers and our streams are becoming cleaner, with the absence of smog and pollution some countries are actually able to breath again, without masks. Time has become abundant, especially for those that never had any. I think there isn’t one person among us that can deny our wasteful disregard and mismanagement of our most precious resource, Mother Earth.

I know we are all suffering in different ways and have our own personal tragedies and stories. BUT we need to really think about changing our ways.. and guess what, we have all the time in the world to think right now. Today, tomorrow or the day after that, time is endless. Mother Nature is going to win this one with or without us.. and on that we can be sure…

ok, now… back to my list