Men in Hats and tools hung low.. summertime musings

Construction beside my condo is at an all-time high. The noise wakes me in the morning and the dust chokes me during the day. Getting in and out around all these vehicles and equipment is somewhat inconvenient. Workers lounge around their cars and trucks smoking and visiting when there is a break in the action. Some of these vehicles are parked out front of my condo on the street.

Now, what is it that attracts my attention whenever I see a bunch of men in hard hats? It quickens my pulse and whatever I was thinking about flies out of my head, making way for all these hardhat men. I can’t even see their faces, but then again it is not their faces I am looking at.

Most are wearing jeans and work boots and some sport a low-hanging tool belt.. I kinda like the look of those as well. They are dirty and brawny and some wear these big work gloves that accentuate their bare arms, that is when the weather is warm. As the sun rises so does the heat, and not just from the sun. These men start shedding clothes and it is hard to concentrate on what I am doing hmmm .. now where was I?

Why is it that a butt crack looks disgusting on a plumber fixing your sink.. but an exposed navel from a heavy tool belt weighing down that worker’s jeans out here, is keeping me entranced? As they shed their clothes and are wearing less, so it is that I am getting less done here. I wonder if they took off their hardhats would this silly grin on my face disappear?

I understand men ogling women in skimpy outfits and so it is with me ogling all these men.  A working man in a hard hat, jeans, and a low-hanging tool belt, it’s hard for me to resist. I don’t care what kind of tools he has down there, it is just such a sexy look.

Ok now where was I, oh right, men in hard hats. There are so many of them out there it is like a smorgasbord of all my favorite entrée’s. They have been hard at it all week, the long weekend looms and the lake is calling me. I wonder if they are thirsty out there?

I decide to stay in town one more day and call my cousin to come for coffee on my patio. I mention the hard hats out here working and she lets out a silly laugh, she says maybe as it warms up a bit she will come by later. I think I will make a great big jug of iced tea……..

Copyright June 2014