life and condoms.. a kind of oxymoron

Some stuff I know for sure.. the rest is up for grabs. We are all on different journeys and at different stages in our lives, but do we have a common ground? We as females.. are always questioning ourselves.. do men do this I wonder?

Being of the female gender, do we do anything just for the pure pleasure of it.. other than sex, well some of us are purists.. right? We indulge ourselves occasionally, after giving it some thought, how many feel guilty after. I was thinking about pedicures.. why should I feel guilty, but I do.

Now.. I feel that sex and pedicures are our two most pure and unadulterated pleasures, lord kill me now. If the sex part is not in the picture then book that pedicure TODAY! What can even compare to someone transforming your froggy feet into.. prince worthy, toe kissing lovely appendages? Those baby soft heels that were graters just an hour before (used to scratch your other leg )… ahhhhhh.

hmmm..  what I know for sure is that we need not question ourselves so much. We are fearless and please please please, lets accept ourselves as is.. not who we want to be, or are going to be. The reality that I am myself, warts and all and I’m as good a person as I’m going to get.. is pretty cool.

I am free to love, I am free to care and I am free to make my own decisions. That I sometimes make bad choices is ok too, it comes with accepting myself. Part of this freedom involves making mistakes, important though.. is that I learn from them. I will use condoms from now on, I promise..

Being older and single is sometimes a drag, but it is now a part of my life. Old doesn’t mean stagnant.. learning and exploring new avenues in life should never stop. Take a trip, book a pedicure .. make new friends, say hi to strangers. Always shop at night in the grocery aisles, lots of single men.. Home Depot is also a man-hive.. just sayin..

Keeping ourselves closed in and not showing our flaws only makes us more removed from everyday life. Showing your vulnerability is not a liability, unless you let it be. It makes us human and shows a softer side of us .. I am not better than anyone else and neither are you, unless we choose to think so.

I talk too much, I eat too much and I love too much.. these are not flaws, they are me! I have been mis-judged and unfriended and even cast aside, if you will.. more than a few times in my life.. BUT that does not define me. It only defines them. The power of me no longer accepts those who seek to hurt.. and put others down.

Know this.. own your power and never give it away. Be yourself and please, be forgiving.. let this be a gift to you. Let go of hard feelings as well, it only weakens your power. Envy not.. because chances are if you are cool with who you are.. people will envy you.

Focus your energy on that which you can change. Get that pedicure, show your love to those you care about, don’t gossip and don’t be mean. Be that person you wish to spend time with.. and above all else.. live in the moment because that’s all we really have.

Let goodness win..

ok I am off to buy condoms … I’m just kidding, or am I?