Lexus.. the salesman from hell

A successful business has at it’s core satisfied customers. I know that because I ran four successful businesses in my first and second life. The customer is first and foremost our bread and butter and we valued that above all else. Treat a customer with dis-respect and indifference and watch your company[1]

I should also mention here that employees are integral to this and we trained ours accordingly. I am not going to mention the employees name here that did me such a dis-service when I bought my Lexus (which almost didn’t happen btw). I will however name the dealership and its owner.

I won’t bore you with the long story about why I left this car at the dealership for so long.. well maybe I will. Having a life threatening accident in a brand new dodge caravan the year before, that seen that vehicle being unsalvageable, made me nervous about taking possession of my new Lexus.imagesZW8DBB47

I owned a fairly new (two or three year old loaded Chevy Malibu) but I was looking for a new car.(I put a lot of miles on my vehicles) When the accident happened with the new dodge I still hadn’t sold my Malibu. I figured it was bad luck to take on the new Lexus with-out selling my Malibu first (re: accident, year before). makes no sense I know, but it did to me and it took me almost a year to recover from that accident.images[7]

I fell in love with the Lexus rx350 and asked salesman if I could keep it there until I sold my car. He assured me it would not be a problem. I put 5000.00 down and went to the finance guy upstairs and did all the paperwork. I assumed I wouldn’t start payments until I took possession. It was three months later that I finally had a sale for my car.2011-lexus-rx-350-fwd-4-door-front-exterior-view_100331950_l[1]

While I was waiting for a buyer I ‘visited ‘ my Lexus and chatted with the salesman, even bringing him lunch one day. I told him if I needed to take possession, or if for any reason it could not stay there, to let me know and I would come and get it. (this was hotly debated by salesman.. but I stand by my recall of this and I am not a liar)

Day came to come and claim my car and I can’t even find it on the lot.. hmmm I had been by a few times and couldn’t find it, but thought they must have moved it. I went in to ask where my car was and salesman CALMLY  said “oh, I sold it”.

I kept my cool and asked how he could sell a car that was already sold to me? He said “did you expect me to keep it all this time for you?” yep… I did!.. and why the hell did I keep visiting it and asking you if it was ok to do this or did I need to start making payments or … or… Jesus , who sells you a car and then sells it to someone else?

To say I was very upset was an understatement.. I went upstairs to see the finance guy and find out that there is NO PAPERWOK (I wonder where that disappeared to) !!! really? Where the heck is my five thousand dollars????? Well turns out yes, they do have it and I have confirmation on my bank account that they cashed it a few days after I gave it to them.

The salesman is not to concerned.. until he can’t find another exact car anywhere in Canada, as the one I already bought. To make a long story short (which is difficult for me) I still to this day, am not happy  with what he did to me.  I complained to the manager and salesman called me, and apologized. This I accepted until I found out that I was not.. by a long shot .. the first person he had done that too!

“Hell hath no fury” and now I was furious! He was not going to get away that and do it to someone else, if I had any say in it. So I called the owner Danny Ens and he agreed to meet with me and said salesman. It was like he was brokering a deal between Israel and Palestine. Salesman was absolutely not happy about this turn in events but I wanted my day in court !

Salesman was trying to save face and cover his ass..  even contradicting my story of him agreeing to keep the car there until mine sold (now why the heck would I make that up?) .. furthermore, why would I put such a large amount of money on a car I did not want???? Who does that?

Ah well .. in the end Danny Ens turned to me and offered me any car on the lot that I wanted, I could drive it until they could find me the exact same car that was sold out from under me. (turns out the tsunami in Japan was making it difficult on production of this model). He also ASKED  what he could do to make me a satisfied customer. (I really wanted him to fire the salesman for lying to my face.. but I knew that would be unreasonable)images54AFAWYD

In the end I wanted to keep driving the Malibu and Danny Ens agreed to take my car in trade when my new Lexus was ready. (four months later and a dent in my rear fender that wouldn’t have happened if I had my Lexus). I have to say here as much as I detested what that salesman did to me, I would buy from them again. Danny Ens treated me with respect and fairness and that was all I wanted.(he also listened to what I had to say and I’m sure salesman did not get off scot free from that little fiasco)

Just a footnote here, I had a dr.appt. and dropped my Lexus keys on his desk along with my purse. He mentioned making an appt. to go and test drive a car at Lexus that he was interested in, but when he got there, said car was gone! He was a little miffed that he had re-arranged his schedule to go for this test drive… ha ha  Same salesman !! AND HE DIDN’T END UP BUYING A LEXUS!

Oh.. and do I like my Lexus ? You bet I do, they even wash it when I take it in for an oil change and I even have my own window to check in..  for Lexus owners. I am shallow, I know, but customer service will keep us coming back.. every time! Oh .a.and ask for the young salesman Micheal he is ever so nice and helpful do not get the semi retired one.. just sayin ….


Part two of this story ….. I was invited last night, to the Lexus Grand opening of their new facilities in the auto mall in Stonebridge,  Saskatoon. It was quite a party! We drove up to the entrance and a red carpet and valet parking awaited us! Our picture was taken against a Lexus background by a professional photographer ‘ movie star style’ .

There was music, beautiful food and chef action stations as well as two bars. It was wear your ‘blackest black’ and most guests did so, and they had a great turnout. The food was fantastic and the ambiance was very nice. My girlfriend and I met a lot of interesting people and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

Thank you Ens Lexus Toyota for the invite and for the hospitality… you really put on a first class event. I managed to get a picture of Micheal and was able to avoid the old semi retired salesman that caused me so much grief! lexus 1lexus 2lexus 3lexus 5lexus 4

lexus 6





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