just one more sleep

Just one more sleep before I jet off to the Center of the Universe. This is how one of my writer friends describes Toronto, the place where my writers’ group resides.  Being the token ‘westerner’ I take some good-natured ribbing and do my best to educate these easterners about the best piece of land in Canada. Saskatchewan is actually the hidden gem of all the other provinces that can only wish to possess our vast resources and smarts. It’s also the easiest to draw. For those that think we are just a flat barren place, you should know we have over ten thousand lakes and rivers, but who’s counting, AND more sunshine than any other province in Canada.. google it :  )

Letting my life lead me to this trip has surprised even me. I’m flying, breaking my vow of never flying anywhere again! Truth is I’ve wanted to visit my writer friends back east for quite a while. Driving is my preferred mode of travel in my golden/olden years. The thing is, traveling to Toronto is just as far away as traveling to my place in Yuma Az. It’s quite a hike, as they say here in the west.. lol.

Fate intervened in my life recently, losing someone dear to me and I’m doing stuff I don’t fully understand. The upshot is I am stretching myself outside of my circle .. venturing out of my life zone. Writing these phrases I just made up also makes me happy, I hate that thinking outside of the box thing. I have signed up for volunteering a couple of days a week and even more surprising is signing on to play golf once a week. Everyone that knows me will shake their heads at this one as am I, and truth be told the ladies’ golf circle may never be the same.

I’m traveling to the center of the universe to stay with people I have never met, except on Zoom meetings these past few years. My son was a little concerned for me but I explained that my writer friend, whom I’m staying with, assured me he was going to AA-axe murderer meetings. That’s maybe not funny considering past events recently, but explains how he was feeling.  Truth be told I booked that flight because I’ve wanted to visit these people for a while now.

I should also mention that flying Swoop Air from here to Toronto return, was dirt cheap, less than two hundred Canadian dollars! I know what you’re thinking but standing room only and giving us a parachute when they push us out the door over Toronto can’t be all that bad. It’s Pierson Airport that scares the hell outta me, it’s where all checked luggage goes to die. Thank goodness I’m only carrying a tote bag 16″x 13″ (free) it will accommodate my surface computer and a few clothes, I hope my friend has a washing machine.  I’ll also pay homage to our late queen and stuff a marmalade sandwich in my purse, this is a no-frills airline after all.

There are a few irons in my fire, things that need my attention, but venturing beyond this new circle has lit a fire in me that I can’t explain. This may seem scary to some but it’s strangely comforting for me.  I have made a few adjustments for this recently booked trip.  I’m clearing out some of my clutter (read.. hoarder stuff) in case I don’t make it back, parachutes fail sometimes ya know.  This blog is cutting into my getting ready for this trip time, but trying to figure out what is happening to me sat me down here to write.

Have I figured it all out yet? .. not a chance it seems.  Maybe we don’t need answers for everything. Maybe we need more spontaneity in our lives. Maybe and this is just a maybe that has just hit me.. am I living my life for the one that was so recently lost to me?

WOW.. this grief thing keeps on giving, as I bring myself back to finishing my thoughts here.  My belief has always been that something good comes out of the bad shit life seems to throw at us from time to time. This is quite possibly a new direction taking hold in this old gal’s journey.. maybe an exciting adventure awaits me in the promised land (Toronto). Lord give me the strength to not only jump out of that plane but also the strength to be able to do nine holes of golf when I go south this winter..


copyright Sept 13th 2022