Itchy Scratchy Show.. what is poisoning you?

untitled (37)Through out the past couple years a new phenomenon has gradually worked it’s way into my life. Allergies have been non-existent and I have imagesUPSDNIWYbeen pretty fortunate with my health. I ended up in the emergency room about two years ago having developed a severe reaction to a sulpha drug I was taking for a bladder infection.

I was literally in bed from the onset of ingesting the first pill (from second round of the same drug that didn’t seem to help first time around .. small wonder). By the week-end I was calling my daughter to bring me something for my severe headaches and my cousin to please bring me something to drink.. I could have drank a whole lake of lake water I was that thirsty!

imagesQ368JV5DThey passed these medications to me through the patio doors.. not wanting to catch what-ever it was I had! It’s a bladder infection for gods sakes.. I’m not going to pee on you.. but I was grateful for the ginger ale and my daughters bag of every painkiller I could ever want. I downed both and managed a fretful sleep.

Meantime always taking the sulpha drug faithfully until Monday morning rolled around (I started the new prescription Friday). Dragging myself outta bed Monday morning was painful! I looked at the prescription and thought “I think I am gonna die so I guess it won’t matter much if I don’t take this pill”.

images1PUVUBHXMy feet were swollen and swelling by the hour.. my hands and my whole body from the inside out was aching and I had such a headache and now my throat was even closing up on me. I knew something was wrong but I was not thinking clearly I was so confused. I managed to get myself to the hospital or did my daughter come and get me? geeze I was that confused I don’t remember.

Upshot is a severe allergic reaction to the sulpha drugs I was taking faithfully (my second round!!). I needed to take steroids to open up everything closing up inside me.. scary stuff! Sad part of this is that taking pills is against my nature, I will suffer out a headache usually.imagesJ7ALW0OE

So I always thought I was good at listening to what my body needed.. craving citrus..  well lay in the fruit.. craving dirt well go out to the garden… haha. But seriously I think our bodies tell us what we need if we listen. Sometimes I need a man and … hmmm… now where was I?

Oh right.. blood pressure pills are my only pill I need to take and I have been fortunate to only take one with no side effects.. for years. Then l I started to get a cold every couple months. A one month cruise trip with my girlfriend, I coughed so much every night I thought she would choke me in my sleep, so I slept with one eye open.

When I finally consulted with my doctor it turned out I was poisoning myself yet again! I was having an allergic reaction to the pills. Ok.. so I don’t want to bore you to death here so.. I will get to the itchy scratchy show that has been happening over the past year. NOT there!!! But my skin .. feet.. legs.. hands.. arms.. driving images62ZRNB7Hme crazy sometimes.

imagesB3BNNZIC I have been trying to pay attention to what I have been eating, but refusing to listen because it is my favorite food! Shellfish, shrimp which I eat a lot of and lobster once in a blue moon. Fish most of the time when dining out. Yep.. you guessed it! So I finally bit the bullet and eliminated it from my life. But what’s this.. I’m still itching and scratching even more.

Well turns out I have been taking a vitamin supplement this past month, so I get out the magnifying glass and try to read what is in the ingredients and there it is .. contains shellfish and shark cartilage!! I immediately quit taking them and the results are astonishing in only a couple days.. I hadn’t even realized my health was deteriorating.. it was slow and insidious and my whole body was tired, even  my brain!imagesUDIMRJ08

The change was dramatic in my energy level.. well ok .. so I still need a nap most days. But the itchy scratchy show is mostly gone. I had a drink with dinner the other night and when I started itching I said to girlfriend half joking “I think the cook that prepared my burger was also on shellfish duty“. I am becoming one of THOSE people .. dam!

imagesL2OS8007Later on in the pool that night.. it dawned on me.. I had a ‘Caesar’..  vodka and clamato juice with supper. It contains dried clams which is on ingredient list when I magnified it on a bottle I have in my pantry.

So there you have it .. getting old sucks.. taking shrimp and lobster away from me is just wrong.. eliminating all fish from my diet kinda sucks as well. Since when do we start developing allergies this late in life???? And why do old people always talk about their ailments? I think because they are not getting any sex and that is why I am writing about mine today.. imagesJB21L7SQ

And what is your poison..?.. and are you getting any?