Hotter than a cat on a hot tin roof…

Hotter Than a Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

That was a play by Tennyson and if you look up the meaning, it is a person that is anxious or agitated and doing something harmful to himself/herself physically or emotionally but does it like a cat.  A cat has to jump from one hot tin roof to another to get from one place to another.. or one situation to another.

Well, let me tell you… I’m not that cat and I don’t do jump.  My jumping days are over and I’m also at peace with this.. my-third life.  Living in this Arizona heatwave though is like living in menopause all over again. Except for the air conditioning, thank God for AC. The heat is uncomfortable as hell and it feels like I died and went to hell, except I’m still here. If there is a silver lining (and there isn’t) I’m picking up the pace while outside.. like in ‘walking faster’ wherever we go. I don’t do run either and wouldn’t last one minute if I did.

They put towels around the large door handles going into stores. Sams Club has piped mist showering down on everyone going in and out of their store. I tried to stand under it but I didn’t feel a thing, then getting into the car and touching the body of it I almost burned my hand.  I’ll be honest here, this is not something I’ll ever get used to.  If one more person says “it’s a DRY heat” I’ll try my best not to hate them.

The worst part is definitely the heat. But the next worst part is that every single person here is questioning my sanity, coming back here for a visit in this hellish heat wave. Well, one of the reasons I write is to figure stuff out and maybe that is why I’m at my computer this morning.  It’s 7:00 am and it’s already 34C and on its way to a high 43C today. Why am I here? Well, it’s a valid question and I’d like to answer with a reasonable response, and I will as soon as I figure it out. I’m a senior and venture south for the winter months but it’s not winter, and yet, here I am.

Well, I may be old but I’m not dead… yet. Truth is I’m here to visit a special man, and isn’t it usually men that are the bane of our existence?  They probably say the same about us women but I’m not privy to their thoughts. I’m also retired with a lot of time on my hands and, well, that’s probably not really true. I’m still trying to write my bestseller but life keeps getting in the way. So I came here to hopefully get more writing done, I want to finish this book by fall and have it published and ready for Christmas!

OMG .. that is totally not what I expected to show up here! This has just sent a wave of happiness all through me. I didn’t want to admit I came here to visit my new man friend (which is true) but shallow, don’t you think? I can live without a man and I was quite content until he came along and turned my life upside down. It’s really hard to explain, I needed to actually come south to sort through some stuff in my life. He is an American, younger than me, and I am a Canadian, somewhat older and wiser… lol.  Are we ever wiser though I wonder?  For sure age has mellowed me out but I live by following my heart, which gives me such joy, but can also do the opposite as well.

We all take chances in our lives and make decisions, good or otherwise as we see fit. My life has been full of such decisions and I decided to live by following my heart many years ago.  So here I am in the biggest heatwave in Arizona history, well with climate change it’s crazy all over the world right now. Stuff happens in my life and I make the best of whatever comes my way. I try to live each day in the moment and right now this heat is giving me pause. It is day five of living with another person, and that too, is hot, sorry/not sorry.

That part about my continued writing of my bestseller filled me with such joy that I now know why I sat down here to write this morning.  Yes, I came here because of a man but my book is beckoning me, and being stuck inside is perfect to get some writing done. Besides we go to the pool each evening and get in some cool/pool time and exercise which is lovely.

Hot.. yes it’s bloody hot, and no I’m not crazy, well crazy in a good way. This old feline is purring with contentment, and just trying to figure stuff out. In the end game and living life in the single lane, we need to do what is best for ourselves, be it the good, the bad, or the ugly, and I accept that.

and that’s a wrap

July 23rd 2023