Good versus Evil

This is not how it should be, we are regressing in leaps and bounds. Stupidism is alive and well and people are actually hating each other over wearing face masks! Yes I coined a new word. Stupidism is a disease that can infect anyone, regardless of skin colour or age. Well actually children are immune to it, less inter-action with older people is wise, except someone has to look after you and feed you, ah well….

definition of stupid




having or showing a great lack of intelligence or common sense. I was stupid enough to think she was perfect

synonyms: unintelligent, ignorant, dense, brainless, mindless, foolish, dull-witted, dull, slow-witted, witless, slow, dunce-like, simpleminded, empty-headed, vacuous, vapid, halfwitted, idiotic, moronic, imbecilic, imbecile, obtuse

Stupid people have always been around, most of us have dated one once or twice. Best case scenario is that they don’t know they are stupid, worst case is they do and they procreate. The scariest part about these people is their willingness to blindly follow a dumb-ass leader that is asymptomatic with this disease. This leader is spreading the disease throughout the land and infecting the whole world, with promises of nirvana (a nirvana for stupidism obviously). I have to say here that there is a cure, but I don’t advise you to drink it, the kool-aid contains chlorine bleach and is fatal. It cures stupidism for good though!

I am going straight to hell for writing this.. but since when has that ever stopped me before? I need to write this because it is causing me such a pain, the pia kind that irritates the piss out of me. Yes, I know, a good one eh? When did we start listening to people afflicted with this disease? Well I can pinpoint the date, November 8th 2016, to be exact. Little did we know our whole world was about to change for the worse! In fact the promise of this leader, elected to the south of us, was to “Make America Great Again” well wtf happened to that I wonder? That red hat only served to ‘Make America Hate Again’.. that is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. I rest my case..

First off I live in America too, ‘north America’ to be exact, and our neighbors in Mexico also live in America, ‘south America’. The first order of business for this leader infected with ‘stupidism’? To erect walls around Middle America which is called the United States as well. Canada was considering lilac bushes along our border, while Stupid suggested a military presence.. really? Immigrants are not allowed into the U.S. although legal ones like his wife are ok. Stupid (name for elected leader to the south of us) made fun of a mentally challenged person on camera, mocking him on TV actually. Stupid’s wife gives a national address from the Whitehouse lawn praising Stupid and encouraging Americans to vote for him again. Listening to her you can obviously tell she was not born in America, as the previous president was. Actually this was such a sore point with Stupid, obsessing over Obamas birth certificate, but his own wife (third one, and first lady) was not even born an American.. go figure. I don’t understand it either, and that is why I had to write that, just pointing out incongruities’. Immigration is our lifeline here in Canada, we need more people, because we are such a huge country. Actually most everyone in America is an immigrant anyway, fancy that.

Stupid’s next order of business when elected, was to set up tariffs on Canadian goods going into the states. Let me be clear here .. Canada and the States have one of the world’s largest interacting trading partnerships, worth 1.9 billion every day! It doesn’t even make sense. Canada went to court fighting these obvious unlawful tariffs imposed on us, and won. I am not sure why Stupid keeps doing this, maybe he doesn’t like our elected leader’s hair? Speaking of hair, I’m sure you’ve read about Joe Biden, sniffing women’s hair? If this is true Joe and its not a crime btw, just pay to sniff it. Stupid pays hush money to sleep with prostitutes, which is a crime, and gets away with it. It’s not rocket science, maybe confer with Putin and see what he thinks? Oh yes.. I’m going to hell for sure..

We have all done stupid things at one time or another but we learn from our mistakes. The amount of bullshit being spewed forth on a daily basis for us all to digest, from an immoral, lying, deceitful and stupid leader to the south of us, gives me daily heartburn.  How does he get away with it? Being a good person is important in my books, don’t we all strive for that? To build a better world for our kids, an inclusive world, even world peace, which will NOT happen if he is re-elected.

Evil is slowly and surely infecting our world, we must put a stop to it. November 3rd elections in the States.. are coming up and Joe Biden wins my vote hands down, if I was allowed to vote. He can bring back that one thing missing in our world right now.. and that is HOPE! Stupid, his family and his best friends, need to be held accountable for the damage they’ve done and go to jail if necessary, for crimes committed. Actually a lot of them are already locked up (eleven at last count, but I could be wrong).

My money is on good .. versus evil, I may rot in hell for this blog but I just don’t really care anymore.. I needed to write it. I don’t feel our world is safe, electing Stupid people into power can have dangerous consequences. My kids, all kids.. deserve a world that is safe and moral and equal for all peoples.

I predict Joe will win and evil will be defeated, Stupid will eventually end up in jail, along with some of his family and the cronies not yet there. The world will right itself again from a tumultuous and disastrous four years of lies, greed, racism and evil. We are all better than what this one man has tried and failed to do… lead us all into a hell he envisions as nirvana.

May God have mercy on his soul.. or not